Two tons Cocaine bound for Belize force-lands at Chetumal Airport


Narcos abandon jet loaded with drugs, federal police and elements of the PGR secured the aircraft on the runway.

CHETUMAL, Q. Roo. Saturday: 1st December 2018

The Hawker Jet that force landed at the Chetumal International Airport last Friday morning had the equivalent of over two tons of cocaine in the cargo bay according to Mexican Federal Police and elements of the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) surrounded the aircraft and took control of it.
According to police investigation, the incident raised suspicion and alerted security forces after the white with blue stripe’s aircraft with identification NN886N, landed without any form of authorization from the air-traffic control Center, Center, and without a flight log.

Criminal investigation staff of the PGR inspected and gathered evidence inside the Jet that was abandoned by its crew.
Immediately after the impromptu landing of the jet, instead of going to the terminal building, the crew quickly came off the jet and rushed towards the airport’s perimeter fence which they scaled and disappeared towards the federal highway before the federal agents could approach the aircraft. Soon after Federal Agents arrived and secured the site and placed the aircraft under tight security since the crew had already escaped.
The operation at the airport lasted for several hours because the Mexican Army took over control, cordon off the area to protect the security of the air terminal.
Upon inspection of the aircraft, they confirmed that there were no crews and found 35 white and eight black packages, which gave a total of 43 bales of approximately 25 kilos each.
After opening the bales, there were dozens of packages wrapped in Manila paper and covered with transparent plastic and black duct tape, which gave a total of 282 packages, which amounted to 312 kilos 500 grams.
Mexican military experts say that the reasons why the Narco jet was forced to descend at the Chetumal International Airport was because of a miscalculation in the supply of jet fuel. Experts from the Directorate of Expert Services applied the corresponding substances that tested positive for pure cocaine hydrochloride, with a high-purity chemical profile which confirmed that the contents of the 312 kilos of were of pure high-grade cocaine hydrochloride concentrate that requires at least seven degrading cuts enough to recreate a total of two thousand one hundred kilo of cocaine for consumption.
Official information from police sources in Belize revealed that the said aircraft was transporting the drugs, allegedly bound for the neighboring country of Belize, on a clandestine runway between San Esteban and Progreso in the Orange Walk district.
However, they could not go down because the Belizean were waiting for them in the place, after aborting the mission, the little fuel forced them to go down in Chetumal.
Meanwhile Brigadier General, Miguel Ángel Huerta Ceballos of the General Staff Diploma attached to the XXXIV Military Zone in Chetumal said that the Hawker jet did not have a flight log nor the corresponding permit from the Control Tower, and that is the reason it descended the way it did. The General also informed that to his knowledge several aircraft have landed in the country of Belize near to the Mexican territory  during this year, believed to be transporting drugs, according to the latest reports made by the Mexican Ministry of National Defense ( Sedena) in Quintana Roo.
Mexican police estimate that there are only two drug trafficking organizations that have over powered Belize through high level facilitation and logistics that control the border area with Mexico. They are “Cartel de los Zetas” and the “Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación” who are fighting for control of the territory.