Woman accused of Human Trafficking denied Bail


Belize City: Wednesday 5th December 2018

Lourdes Guerrero Moreno, a Honduran national who is accused of human trafficking was denied bail in the Supreme Court today by Justice Colin Williams.
Guerrero Moreno who has been living in Belize for several years is accused after a thirty-six-year-old woman reported that she was a victim of human trafficking due to Moreno.
The fact that she was in a common law relationship with a Belizean for years was not enough to convince Justice Williams even after her attorney Arthur Saldivar offered the Court fifteen thousand dollars in cash for bail on her behalf. Her bail was rejected.
Defense attorney Arthur Saldivar said, “I believe that given the connotation and the gravity of the charge, that in of itself would move the court to consider seriously whether or not bail would have been granted. We understand the concept is at human trafficking is tantamount to modern-day slavery. Nobody condones that type of thing. But of course from my point of view it is an allegation that has been made here, and an allegation is not the basis for which a person is to be punished.  Suffice to say I am not saying that she is being punished now but there are other factors that went into the refusal. My client is not a Belizean person. She is from Honduras and although she has a common-law husband here those are not sufficient ties to the country from the judge’s point of view for him to make that step that he can trust you will be here for court whenever it is called if I were to grant you bail. So on that basis I understand the fairness of the process, and I believe it was fair.”
Saldivar said that he was not surprised that the judge rejected the bail offer because it was not the first time that a bail offer was made regarding this particular case.

Saldivar said that it was his belief that his client is not guilty of the offence that she has been charged with and in conclusion, said that there are other factors that went into what was done and that is more appropriate for a court to hear. The matter was adjourned to January 2019.