Belize Territorial Volunteers condemns Five Former Foreign Ministers for encouraging Belizeans to vote Yes to the ICJ


Belize Territorial Volunteers

Press Release

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Date 10 January 2019


Belize Territorial Volunteers condemns Five Former Foreign Ministers for encouraging Belizeans to vote Yes to the ICJ

Belize was invaded militarily by Guatemala on May 15th 2015 and parts of Belize remains occupied.

This invasion, by the Guatemalan Armed Forces, occurred on the 15th May 2015 in the Sarstoon River and Guatemala’s Armed Forces remain in Belize’s sovereign territory. May 15 this year will make Four Years since this most unacceptable situation came into existence.

In all the 159 years of Guatemala and British dispute over Belize, Guatemala  never invaded or occupied our country. Never.

Guatemala carried out this blatant act of aggression in open view of the Belize Government. Yet not one of the Five Former Foreign Ministers signed any  declaration demanding Guatemala’s immediate withdrawal. Neither was any declaration signed calling on the regional and international community to go with Belize to the United Nations and force Guatemala out of our sovereign territory.

Among the Five Former Foreign Ministers is the present Prime Minister. He passed a law making it a criminal offence for any Belizean to go into what was once a part of sovereign Belize. None of the other former Foreign Ministers condemned such an unprecedented action.

Instead, with a portion of Toledo under Guatemalan military occupation the Five Former Foreign Ministers dare to make a public spectacle by signing their simplistic declaration on Wednesday 9th of January, taking it upon themselves to dare tell Belizeans how to vote in the upcoming referendum. What arrogance.

The BTV strongly condemns this farce of the Former Foreign Ministers. None of them have any moral authority to attempt to influence the good people of Belize.

The BTV cannot overlook that seven years after Guatemala signed the  Special Agreement agreeing to seek a peaceful settlement of its dispute at the ICJ, it turned and invaded southern Belize by military force. The Belize government and the Five Former Foreign Ministers not only failed to display their duty, honour and principles to their country but acquiesced in this blatant act of aggression.

The BTV does not trust the government of Guatemala and neither do we trust the government of Belize or the Five Former Foreign Minister.

Our trust is in God and the people of our beloved Belize.