Belly of the Beast



We at the Belize Times proudly support our Party Leader and the National Executive of the PUP for the stance on the ICJ. The lame duck paper tiger formerly known as Mr. Barrow has presided over a mockery which passes for an education campaign. He has refused to listen to the cries of the social partners and the Opposition when it comes to dealing with Guatemala. He still thinks he is the brilliantest and brightest. Listen. We don’t have to complicate this thing. We can break this thing down into language an Infant school student and Minister Pablo can understand. Every time Mr. Barrow has stood up and told the Belizean people that he is sure we will win – in any case – we have lost. It is as simple as that. So when this same loser stands in front of the Belizean people and says – take it from me, we got this – you better believe you’re about to get what the duck got.

Simple Sedi
Sedi Elrington needs to go. Sedi Elrington was old when the Guatemala claim was young. I saw that on Facebook and had to use it. This man legit has screwed up everything he was supposed to do when it comes to dealing with Guatemala. You think that rumor that he was once offered the position of Foreign Minister of Guatemala wasn’t real? It’s crazy. Do you even realize that under Sedi, lame duck Barrow passed a law which prohibited Belizeans from going into our own territory at the Sarstoon? Do you remember when Sedi scolded Belizeans for provoking those poor Guatemalans at the Sarstoon? He even defended the Guatemalans who were aggressing Belizeans. Hell NO. Sedi MUST go. When Guatemalans kidnapped a bunch of Belizeans and took them to Livingston against their will, Sedi vex with the Belizeans. Besides being old and senile, this man behaves like a traitor to his own people. Send Sedi to pasture. Then we’ll talk.

Sick Games
Instead of spending so much time in bed with Guatemala, Sedi needs to come clean on his daughter’s paid study leave and on her allowances. Any Belizean who is not outraged must be crazy, or must be enjoying the same privileges. Serious thing. This woman, the daughter of the Foreign Minister, is getting about $200,000 a year. So she gets a scholarship, probably from GOB, to go finish law school in Jamaica. But get this. She wants taxpayers to continue paying her $200,000 a year while she is on study leave. Is senility or dementia passed down in families? And then, taxpayers also need to find another $200,000 to pay another UDP crony to replace her in New York while she is on study leave. Incredible. I hear that when some official in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was asked about it, he stammered and stuttered and said that her request was not approved. But when asked if she is still receiving the $200,000 while in Jamaica, he said YES, she is. Chester – if you need something to investigate to launch off your time in the top spot, please take a look into this one. Criminal.

Hmm! Wait for It
Ouch. There’s a little bird in Belmopan talking to the Belize Times about the whistleblower, that guy who has been calling the names of Policemen and politicians and has everybody spooked. That bird is saying that the US Embassy has supposedly gotten hold of the whistleblower and he is singing like the proverbial canary, providing pictures and videos and documents. But it gets better than that. I hear the whistleblower has taken his cousins on his Uncle’s side to a location in the River Valley where drugs were moved for safe-keeping before being taken out the country. And boy, are a lot of names being called! Big names. I’m thinking somebody’s green card is about to be taken away. This is going to get hot in a hurry folks.

Nude Pics
Don’t say I said, but I hear that the Minister of Education has decided to personally intervene in the case where the teacher from Muffles College was suspended because her nude pics were leaked by some idiot. Someone close to the Minister told the Belize Times that he sympathizes because he knows firsthand about pics being leaked, and it seems that we at the Belize Times do remember a situation – anyway, what is important is that it appears that the Minister will intervene to save this young lady’s job. We happen to think that’s a good thing, because she is a victim, and should not be re-victimized by what was done to her. Only thing we’d advise the Minister – if you’re helping, do so because it is right, and not for any ulterior motives. Hope its so!