Brutally chopped to death in Lucky Strike!


Belize City: Wednesday 2nd January 2019

New Year began with a loud bang, fireworks and bullets at midnight to bring in 2019 but a few hours later the carnage started leaving police investigators with a bloody string of 5 murders within 24 hours added to the already overloaded unsolved murders from 2018.

According to police, the first was recorded in Lucky Strike village which took the life of an elderly man identified as Howard Coleman.

According to Police investigation Coleman’s murder is related to a domestic situation involving a female and the now accused identified as Giovanni Jones. Police say Jones was at a female’ home when a misunderstanding started and Jones was told to leave the woman’s premises. Jones refused to leave which resulted in a fist fight with Coleman.
Witnesses say Coleman walked outside followed by Jones who inflicted several chop wounds to him. Police say the female reported that Jones then went back inside the house and allegedly raped her. This is an additional that is being investigated.
Coleman is a single man who does wood carving for a living