By: Hilly Bennett

On Tuesday January 8, 2019, the Belize City Council unveiled the acquisition of a fleet of twenty-four new motor vehicles – twelve Great Wall Wingle pickup trucks and twelve Honi HL 125 cc motorcycles.

The ceremony, dubbed CITCO ROLLOUT, was held at the Memorial Park, Belize City. Both Councilor Allan Pollard, responsible for Traffic and Mayor Bernard Wagner presentations resonated the message – the council remains resilient and resolute in serving the City. The “lack of resources and minimal Government support” will not undermine the Council’s efforts to make Belize a safe place to live. A place where law and order should serve the residents.

Mayor Wagner highlighted the event theme “Enhancing council’s capabilities while ensuring that we effectively execute our legal mandate of service and traffic enforcement.”
The fleet of vehicles will serve in various capacities – the Traffic Department, Special Constable Unit, Works Department, Cemetery and Sanitation Units, also Public Health and the PR Departments.

The central purpose of the “ROLLOUT” is to bring order to the streets, roads and highways and the managing of some twenty-thousand commuters.
The acquisition of the vehicles was realized through a sixty-month purchase-sale agreement between Caribbean Motors and the Belize City Council.

According to Mayor Wagner, the initiative indicates the efforts to bring back to the fore council/private sector partnership in addressing the needs of the city. A partnership that soured under a UDP led City Council. The Downtown extravaganza is attracting more private sector participation – a win-win for both businesses and shoppers.

The Mayor characterized the Belize City Council as strong, goal-oriented and visionary. However, he beckoned the citizenry to work in unison at the task of rejuvenating life in the old capital.

The People’s United Party City Council’s vision for Belize City continues to expand. A better Belize City, one that is all about the people.
Voice of the Common Man