Letter to the Editor (English)


Dear Editor,
I live in Punta Gorda Town and I’ve been a supporter of the PUP, not necessarily John Briceño from the time I was old enough to vote. I was a fan of Rt. Hon George Cadle Price but since he left us I’ve really not taken much for the Party or its leadership.

When I first heard about the ICJ Referendum I immediately thought about George Price and almost out of reflex I said, “Hell NO!” That became my position. Then I heard John Briceño say YES to the ICJ, but that he would support each of us in the party voting our conscience. I had no problem with that but wanted to know what our party’s official position was: Yes or NO? In a way I was hopeful when I was told by Hon Mike Espat that the PL would be doing a listening tour before announced the party’s official position.

I personally wanted to let him hear my view as to why I was against going to the ICJ.
He began his tour in the South. Nuff respect for that. The South is normally last in Barrow’s books. I met the Party Leader at the Central Park in PG. I was able to talk to him freely and even though I was a bit aggressive, he listened with intent and respect. ‘This man large’ I said in my mind. He reminds me of George Price. I followed behind him as he went into the PG market hugged and greeted most if not all the vendors and listened to them as they gave their views on the ICJ matter. I thought to myself, ‘What a man we have for a leader, emulating the Great George Price.’

Hon John Briceño, you left a deep impression on me on your visit to PG. When I listened to the news on Tuesday evening as your Press Release on the Belize/Guatemala issue was read, I told my wife, with tears in my eyes, “Here is a true leader.” Thank God for you sir. I wish you all success this new year and I am certain that you will become our next Prime Minister. Your compassion, character and persona spells the traits of a great leader. I am now most proud to have you as my Party Leader and I want to assure you that the South is with you in this very important decision.