Servant…Patriot…The People’s Leader!


Thomas Jefferson once said that “the will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of any government, and to protect its free expression should be our first object.” This week brought us political renewal. The PUP and its Leader John Briceño, faithful to the party’s democratic origins, informed via press release that while on a listening tour Hon John Briceño has been advised by the majority rank and file of the People’s United Party that they will not support taking the unfounded Guatemalan claim on Belize to the ICJ. This is the sentiment echoed far and wide across the nation of Belize. At the conclusion of the tour he expects that the firm PUP position will be #NOTOICJ!

Briceño believes that it is the responsibility of the elected representative to carry out the wishes of the constituency. There are those who believe that politicians are specialists and that it is only they who can understand the importance, implications, and intricacies of national and international policy. These same elitist believe that political leaders should be given leeway to decide for and on behalf of their constituents sans any consultation whatsoever. Is it true that we are unqualified to make informed decisions regarding our fate as a nation? Mills explains in his book The Power Elite that is this group “they absorb the aspiration to be…The Ones Who Decide.”

We were treated to a grotesque glimpse of the elitism that still exists in this country. That small group of powerful people who hold a disparate amount of wealth, political power and privileged education in Belizean society. Those same who were so often seemingly at odds amongst themselves quickly closed ranks in a desperate attempt at self-preservation of the status quo. No more!

The Hon John Briceño has called for bi-partisan cooperation on a number of issues like crime, gender based violence, and poverty to no avail. Times they are a changing even in Belize. The electorate will no longer endure to be told what to do, or how to think. Belize is in the midst of a technological revolution. Information is available at the click of a mouse. It is grossly disrespectful to tell the electorate that they are not informed sufficiently and are thus unqualified to make up their own minds on any matter.
Hon John Briceño respects the ability of ordinary Belizeans to make

informed decisions. He respects their constitutional and God given right to voice and vote that decision. Most important John Briceño recognizes that he is but a servant of the people. The clearest sign of patriotism is respect and love for Belize and her people. He gets it! Hon John Briceño is not only a true patriot he is a true Leader for All Belizeans!