Belizeans Nuh Ready Fi Referendum


Vital Statistics can’t find records for Joseph Alexander Bennett

Belize City: Thursday 31st January 2019

Honourable John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition Peoples United Party via the “Peoples Declaration” issued last week identified areas of concern regarding the ICJ referendum to be held on 10th April 2019.
One of the areas mentioned is the backlog at Vital Statistic Office. The view is that the situation is the result of political interference and mismanagement. The call resonated within the hallowed chamber of the PUP headquarters. Clear up the mess at Vital Statistics so that the relevant documents be issued in a timely fashion. Additionally, “Immediate actions be taken to ensure equal access and treatment be given to all Belizeans.”
Evidence has been forthcoming in regard to a prominent historian and educator who is being disenfranchised in becoming a registered voters.
Joseph Alexander Bennett made an application at the Vital Statistic Office for his birth certificate. The search of records proved futile in obtaining the document. Simply put, it doesn’t exist.
The birth certificate is part of the requirement to get re-registered.
Mr. Bennett has contributed immensely to Belizean society through various capacities as an educator, historian and teacher.
The irony of this unjust situation is that Bennett was one of the participants commissioned by FLASCO-Guatemala to sensitize university students of Latin American faculty of social sciences in Guatemala in relation to the Belize position. Presentations were made on topics relating to the history of Belize, the economic and political history of Belize and Alexander Bennett presentation on culture and integration in Belize.
The disenfranchisement of Alexander Bennet from voting in the upcoming April 10th referendum is clear indication that John Briceno and the Peoples United Party are right – Belize is not ready for the ICJ referendum.
How many Alexander Bennett are out there that will be disenfranchised from exercising their constitutional right to vote because of political interference and gross mismanagement at the Vital Statistic Office.
The answer can only be found by a thorough examination of the records at Vital Statics.