Harsh Reaction to Special Envoy Message on Privacy


Sunday February 17, 2019

Kim Simplis Barrow, Special Envoy for Women and Children took, no less, a Sunday morning to issue a command of “Press and Delete.” She was alluding to the issue of the privacy of women who make the mistake of trusting other with videos and pictures of them with much of clothes and doing actions that would receive MA ratings in a movie theatre. Simplis Barrow was concerned of the lasting hurt this leaves on the subject in the picture and their family. In her words “We have witnessed more and more people become victims to serious breaches of trust by those who are closest to them.”

Many on social media and other outlets were quick to point at the swiftness that the Special Envoy came out when a person known to many was involved yet there has been other occasions when others are wronged and that there has been only public silence from the Special Envoy’s office.

This was especially seen when a young lady from a City Secondary School had her pictures also spread and her privacy infringed upon. There was no equal reaction from the Special Envoy’s office.

A loud protest to this disparity was from Audrey B. Matura on her social media page. She posted the following: “The silence of the special envoy is deafening. At least a statement of solidarity & promise to help us change the law…. that’s not hard work! That can’t be done behind the scenes #treatherequally

Now the Friday February 22, she, Matura, is organizing a licensed peaceful demonstration. This here will be in support of the student whose life has been stuck by this cyberbullying incident of her picture being sent around the public. In her case, she is a minor and thus a greater problem. Audrey Matura feels that more than a letter for one incident should be done. She feels that the voice of protest against this social ill should be louder than what the Special Envoy has released to the public. Deleting the picture may not do much even if it is done.

Even the Attorney General has weighed in. When asked he punted a bit saying that they are working on it and that they want to make sure that they are able to tie in the particular individual spreading the pictures. He claims that they are working with the Ministry of Human Development, the Special Envoy, the D.P.P. and CITO in order to find a solution. He seemed clueless as to how to track these people and get convictions for those who break the law.

Meanwhile all this is deliberated upon people are hurting. The effects of having a government gone astray trickles down to everything. Economic strife increases crime and crime hurts the economy and the vicious circle continues. The writing is on the proverbial wall, we need an about turn and progress to a People’s United Party whose new vision can be seen everywhere. Dean Barrow does know how to fix this. Elections!