Letter to the Editor


January 30, 2019

Editor, Belize Times
Queen Street
Belize City

Dear Editor,

Shame on you Doc

I listened with absolute incredulity to Dr. Gilda Lewis say that the last time this country made a tough decision was in 1798 and that Independence was not important. Shame on you Doctor Lewis. You owe all Belizeans an apology, especially our brave patriots who fought for and won our Independence with ALL our territory intact.

She was on the Vibes morning show along with another young lady from Foreign Affairs (didn’t get her name) under the guise of ‘educating’ Belizeans on the ICJ issue but really pushing the same ‘Yes’ propaganda. Kudos to Vibes for allowing both sides opportunities to present their views. I only wish they had opened the phone lines so I could have called in and given the doctor a piece of my mind.

To think Dr. Lewis actually calls herself a historian and has taught history at the tertiary level. No wonder our young people lack basic civic education. It is obvious from her comments that for her the Independence movement was inconsequential, yet she has been a member of the Belize Advisory Council for years. What could she possibly advise our leaders – that the pocono bway skirmish was the greatest achievement of this nation?

This is why this whole ICJ education process has been a failure. The referendum unit and Foreign Affairs have misled the Belizean people and now there is even more confusion. Now we have Gilda Lewis trying to re-write history! Belizeans, stand strong, reject the propaganda of these false prophets and vote NO on April 10th.

D. Bermudez