Slaying Our Wings


By: Leslie Rodriguez
Corozal Bay BYM Coordinator

What triumphs lie ahead for our country when our wings are being slain before even wearing a graduation gown and holding a degree in our hands? Belize, often referred to as ‘Our Jewel’, is losing radiance as its soil sheds in blood of senseless murders across the country.

Most of our parents have arduously worked themselves in a country where job is limitless and of minimum wage to see our youths being forsaken one by one. We often dream of striving to success to repay all their unconditional love and sacrifice, instead it seems we are repaying them with heart aches and shedding of tears. How I wish every parent would receive a phone call saying, “Hi mom; I have just been granted a Scholarship abroad!” or “Hey dad! The Coach has just called out my name for the school’s varsity team.”

However, they have been receiving phone calls from the cops or hospitals of heart-wrenching news of their children being murdered, kidnapped, assaulted or shot wounded. Nevertheless, the worst-case scenario of a phone call occurs when our relatives must cope with one of our youths being the principal author of the crime scene.

Sunday, February 10th, 2019 has marked no difference as the nation wept over the murder of another promising youth. Characterized by many as humble and down to earth, he was a young star with a bright future ahead both athletically and academically. Families and friends left behind with agonizing pain, while social media enraged as an innocent life was taken away.

So, how can we trust our security system when many crimes are going unsolved? How can we trust the court system when our judges’ ruling system has not been penalizing enough? How can we trust our leaders when their voices and actions have remained in silence when a youth gets taken down?

Many youths are now wondering if their wings to achieving their dreams will be slain before time.

Will more families need to weep behind a coffin instead of being somewhere else celebrating their children’s triumphs?

Our Country needs the right leaders to act and speak up! Enough is enough! If other countries can protest violent acts and poor governance, why must our country be of difference against senseless murders?

I stand by an image shared on social media: “IT IS TIME TO SAVE OUR YOUTHS!”