Strengthen institutions to generate opportunities


By: [email protected]

Never before has Belize been so polarized, our social, economic and political structure is stagnant. The lack of opportunities is the order of the day, unemployment at its highest level since 2008, the cost of living is unbearably high and this UDP government has been unable to increase minimum wage.

The Barrow administration has not been able to attract foreign direct investment to our shores because of lack of trust and the corrupt practices of officials who make it very expensive to do business in Belize and this aborts the creation of jobs.

The Productive sector is being strangled because export prices on exported products is not viable enough to beat the over-all low prices. We have more than 75% of the workforces in the informal sector or working in precarious conditions to cope with the crisis situation.
Belizeans are submerged in misery, bordering extreme poverty. Their only hope is change that only come with the Peoples United Party.

Even though the UDP has been in government going on eleven years and general elections are due in 2020, this government has lost its sense of direction and is bankrupt on ideas to move Belize forward, and they continue squeezing the working man with unbearable increases in electricity and other essential services. Unlike the UDP’s, who are drunk on power and arrogance, the PUP has leaders with the necessary vision to to generate a path of change and growth that will benefit Belize and improve its’s social & economic developments. It is time for a change, if you want to be a part of the change, then it is necessary to participate and take the right steps to make it possible.

A PUP government will create a stable environment with job opportunities, better healthcare, higher educational standard, housing and decrease crime to help move Belize forward. The time between now and the upcoming election in 2020 offers us the opportunity to reflect on where we are and which direction we rather go for the benefit of our children and country future. Let us rebuild our deteriorating country with a PUP government.