The Pink Quetzal Cabal


On January 21st we remembered the 57th anniversary of the notorious invasion of Belize by Luis Francisco Sagastume Ortiz an ex-candidate of the Guatemalan Congress and his posse of sixteen armed with his cache of four rifles, three pistols, and one sixteen gauge shotgun. The invaders walked four kilometers from Poptun, Peten in Guatemalan territory to Pueblo Viejo, Toledo British Honduras.

In Pueblo Viejo is where they burned the British flag and hoisted the Guatemalan flag. They continued on their way to San Antonio. Sagastume Ortiz would later recount that his accomplices went in search of food and supplies and that the natives took this opportunity to warn the police at San Antonio of the events unfolding. Determined to take the town of Punta Gorda the invaders kept marching on and were met there by the British forces who were waiting on them with machine guns. After a short shoot out the invaders surrendered to the superior forces and the uprising was quelled.

It is an interesting enough story, at the time it caught the interest of both the Des Moines Register in Iowa as well as the Standard Speaker from Hazelton Pennsylvania.  Even more fascinating however is that among those who accompanied Sagastume was a young Belizean born and bred in Benque Viejo Del Carmen, Gustavo Rosado. Both Sagastume and Rosado were caught, found guilty and sentenced to ten years of hard labor in prison. They eventually served only eight months of that prison sentence after sending letters of apology and begging leniency from the courts. Sagastume was expelled from the country and declared persona non grata. Belizean born Rosado was simply released.

The last that was heard from Rosado was that he relocated to Guatemala City on 10th February 1972 about ten years after the failed invasion as reported by the Guatemalan Prensa Libre.

Some weeks ago the PM was asked by the media if there was a cabal forming in order to place his favorite as leader of the UDP. PM claimed to know nothing of the sort and rejected any such notion. PM might have told the truth. His dotage and infirmity have made him unaware of a cabal formed over time and circumstance through friendship and familial ties. The West meeting the North and forming an alliance of sorts.

Consider that Margarito Gapy Vega, Erwin Contreras, Pablo Marin and Rene Montero are all related by marriage. Their spouses all come from the very same Rosado family in Benque Viejo Del Carmen and are related to the infamous Gustavo Rosado. The very same Gustavo Rosado whose intention was that British Honduras, now Belize, revert to Guatemalan rule.

It will also surprise Belizean patriots to know that his Excellency Alexis Rosado, Belizean Ambassador to Guatemala and a prominent leader in the negotiations in the Belize-Guatemala territorial dispute, is the nephew of the very same Gustavo Rosado who for all intents and purposes invaded our country. Even a high ranking member of the Judiciary is married into the Rosado family. Are these mere coincidences? Are these machinations a part of a wider plot?

Already there are vast tracts of land that have come under the control of this one family. They have garnered tremendous influence in several important government ministries and are even deeply and widely involved even in our diplomatic affairs as several of the minister’s children are posted as foreign officers in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Could it be that the Pink Quetzal Cabal formed under the very nose of the Red Puppet Master without him being the wiser? Certainly, as a block, those votes would be the deciding factor for the election of the next Red party leader.