By: Gilroy Usher Sr.

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” -Muhammad Ali
With the support of the residents of the Port Loyola Division and the business community, starting in the last week of March next month, I will head a group of concerned individuals from the area in affixing 80 street names on houses in the division. Forty of those street names will be in the Jane Usher and Curl Thompson areas of the constituency. The remaining 40 street names will be placed in the Faber’s Road and Arlington Drive areas of the constituency.

When the initiative is completed, it will end over a decade of challenges that pedestrians, taxi operators, delivery vehicles, postmen, and election officials, among other persons, have experienced daily in locating addresses in areas of the division where dozens of streets with the same house numbers are referred to with the common names such as Jane Usher Blvd. This has happened because the assigned names for the individual streets are almost totally unknown.

This unfortunate situation causes the affected persons to spend anywhere from ten minutes, half hour or more trying to locate addresses. This long delay in locating an address also causes affected persons to miss meeting relatives, to receive mail weeks late, to lose business, or to pay more for using a taxi service locating a particular address.

It is also difficult to reach an address in these particular areas of Port Loyola by inquiring about it with area residents, because in these communities with close to 800 persons, many residents do not know each other by name.

The street names for the specific areas will be 18” x 4” from long lasting galvanized backing and vinyl print .  If you have a business and are interested in being a sponsor you can contact our PUP Port Loyola committee and for a discounted price of $30.00 each, including your logo you can advertise and at the same time provide a service to the area.  At that unit price, installing eighty street names will cost a minimum of $2,400.00. Concerned businesses and individuals are therefore invited to sponsor the making of one or more of the street names by contacting us at Tel: 207-0970 or 615-8522. Once the street names are installed sponsors will receive years of publicity, 24/7, throughout a community needy for a wide range of services.

With access to public funds Anthony “Boots” Martinez the Area Representatives for Port Loyola or previous Belize City Councils especially the last UDP City Council from 2006 to 2018 should have addressed the lack of visible street names in the Port Loyola Division. The streets were named in these particular areas over a decade ago. Unfortunately they all chose to ignore this important need in the division, as they squandered thousands of dollars of taxpayer’s money on dining with $100.00 per bottle top shelf imported wines, bogus contracts for housing, or bloated contracts for concrete streets with their political cronies.

When the task of installing all the street names is completed, it will once again prove that when area residents, the business community, and community leaders work together a number of small but nevertheless important things can be done for the benefit of local residents and the public in general.

For maximum benefit from the soon to be installed street names in the Port Loyola Division, all children and adults in the designated areas, as well as members of the general public, are encouraged to use the assigned names of the streets in relevant conversations and whenever they are required to give their addresses. Once that is done, over time, everyone, including new residents in the community, will use the correct names for each street as you would expect, and that will make for an easier life everyone.