Belly of the Beast


February 28, 2019


It is hard to imagine what was in the minds of the people who sat at a recent business forum and listened to Mr. Barrow whine and weep and wail and moan because the government has lost, in his own words, 95% of the cases they have taken before a certain judge. I’m sure a few of their hearts were stirred to pity since at one point the Prime Minister seemed on the point of tears. But for God’s sake stop it. The fact of the matter is that Government’s cases are bogus, and the Prime Minister is an arrogant, inept buffoon. And this is not the first time Mr. Barrow has threatened a Judge. He expressed great displeasure with former Chief Justice Abdulai Conteh for the very same reason – that Conteh was ruling against Government – and in two blinks Conteh was gone. Mr. Barrow’s message to sitting Justice Courtney Abel is clear, and cannot be countenanced. Make no mistake, the Prime Minister is also sending a message to other Judges before whom there are Government cases. This bold-faced, bald-headed dictator has lost his marbles. It is past time for him to go.

Pick Sense

You know what I don’t get? When Usain Bolt says he’s the fastest man in the world, you can understand that. He’s won every race he’s run, pretty much, and has set records which have never been beaten. But when Mr. Barrow says he’s the ‘brilliantest’ attorney in Belize, I don’t get that. Barrow has lost just about every case Government has taken to Court. That’s a fact. Just the other day his law firm drafted a simple agreement with Ashcroft which was so badly written the CCJ laughed at it. Of course, it was no laughing matter for us because his incompetence cost us millions and millions. But you see my point? If we could borrow a slogan from GOB’s ICJ propaganda team, it’s time to pick sense from nonsense. Barrow can talk the talk, no doubt. But from the very beginning, his mouth has been writing checks that he can’t cash, and Belizeans have been paying dearly for it.

I said NO

At that very same business forum, the Prime Minister behaved like a petulant child when asked why he would not consider delaying the Referendum, as Guatemala has on different occasions. Those who questioned him pointed out the mess at Vital Stats, and the fact that there are many, many Belizeans who are being disenfranchised, and various other good reasons for delaying the Referendum. But the Prime Minister insisted that nothing short of a natural disaster would delay it. There’s something very fishy about the UDP’s insistence on going to the Referendum at this time. We wonder how much money they have collected from our ‘international friends’ to do this referendum. I wonder if they can account for how this money has been spent. Is that why they need this thing to go to Referendum now? Inquiring minds want to know.

Problem Solved

When Clear the Check Castro said the problem was solved, people may have thought he was talking about the water shortage in his own villages in Belize Rural North, but we at the Belize Times hear that he was really talking about his money problem, since Cabinet had just met, we understand, to talk about how much money each UDP Minister would get to bring people out to vote in the Referendum on April 10. Castro himself said that he would treat this like a General Election – so in UDP-speak that means that the people’s money will be diverted into the pockets of UDP politicians to buy votes and spend on bringing people out. It’s as simple as that. We think the ‘international friends’ who are bankrolling this Referendum thing should call for an immediate accounting for the monies. Mr. Barrow says that they have spent over $2M. We’re not seeing it. But it looks like Castro is certainly seeing it.

Bam sih deh 

Big Mike must feel like a prize idiot after he was on TV recently blubbering and blabbering about the PUP taking over Vital Stats and participating in the corruption there. Anybody with any sense knows he was talking a pile of crap, but then BAM, the evidence surfaces showing UDP operatives way, way, way inside of Vital Stats messing with documents. We all know, for example, that Sista B, the sister of the Prime Minister, was such a fixture at Vital Stats just after re-registration started that people thought she worked there. And yet, the UDP is trying to push us to go to a Referendum? They must be crazy. Mike Peyrefitte should get down on his knees and apologize to the people of Belize for the mess at Vital Stats, and for talking a bunch of garbage. But we’ll accept a standing apology, because we’re not sure how the knees thing would work out