Belly of the Beast


March 7, 2019

Barrow to Court

Kudos to Hon. John and Hon. Julius for taking Mr. Barrow to Court. For his entire three terms, the lame duck Prime Minister has spent the people’s money like it is his own, without any transparency or accountability, and now, finally, he will have to answer for it. It’s a clear cut case. The Finance and Audit Act states that the government needs to go to Parliament to get approval for spending. Barrow spent, then came to the House for approval. This man really believed that he was a god ruling from on high. Lock him up and throw away the keys. Here at the Belize Times, we’ve been lighting candles since we got the news, praying that when Barrow does stand before a Judge, it is the same Judge he criticized and attacked just the other day. Talk about poetic justice.


At least in the people’s Court, and on a level playing field, there’s no doubt that the Prime Minister is guilty. And guilty people should be behind bars right? Hmmm. We notice Chester has been fixing up the cellblock at Queen Street, making it all plush and comfortable with new paintjob, private baths and showers. Could this be in preparation for the arrival of the Prime Minister? You never know. Stranger things have happened. This week Chester invited the media to spend a night in the cellblock just to try it out. It’s a really nice gesture, but here at the Belize Times we can’t accept. Because we are so nice, we’ve decided to give our spot to any number of Ministers in Barrow’s Cabinet, top dog included. It would be good for them to get an idea of what faces some of them in the not so distant future when the PUP gets into office.


What happened during that football game in Belmopan was shameful. We expect much more of our youth, especially those who are attending our universities. We are glad that both UB and Galen stepped up and took responsibility. Kudos to them. Unfortunately, the Minister of Police doesn’t have the same level of integrity or maturity. According to Mr. Saldivar, he sees no problem with a couple off-duty Policemen jumping out of the stands onto the field and waving their guns around like lunatics. He also sees no problem with one of those off-duty cops firing his weapon. But no surprise there. We hear the off-duty cops were assigned to the SPU, aka Saldivar’s Police Unit. Also, we know that Saldivar is quite fond of his affiliates shooting weapons in crowded areas. It’s happened quite a few times before. What is it they say about men using guns to compensate for some inadequacy?

Big Bandit

It’s funny. John Saldivar wants to be the leader of the UDP, but he surrounds himself with these strange people who are always in the centre of some controversy or the other. It’s like he needs them to stroke his ego, or something else. We know that at least two of them have lost their US Visas for roles played in the Immigration scandal. And now, Saldivar has apparently confirmed that his run man, Big Doug, is the owner of the new Bandits Sports Lounge at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium. That’s an LOL moment, because everybody knows that Big Doug is only the front for Big John. But the interesting question is – who pays the utilities at the Sports Lounge? Who pays for security at the Sports Lounge? No wonder the Belmopan Town Council is always broke. It’s a real pity Khalid is such a wuss and allows Big John to walk all over him. He’s a pretty decent guy. Not altogether smart. Or altogether talented. Or altogether capable. But decent.

Are YOU Listening?

When Mr. Barrow lost the use of his back and other appendages, he seems to have lost his hearing as well. But he will get the sense sooner rather than later. Big up brothers Kareem, Anthony and Dickie who had the brains and the b…s to do the research and take this Referendum issue to Court. We the people are not ready to go to the ICJ until certain things are put in place, until certain things to strengthen Belize’s case are done, and we will not back down. These UDPs in power think that they are the best and the brightest, but we the people have felt the pain of loss after loss in the Courts. We couldn’t afford to lose all the millions we have lost, and we are not prepared to risk any part of our country until the UDP gets its act together and gets it right. Mr. Artificial Borders, you need to listen. Mr. Lame Duck PM, you need to listen. We won’t get another chance to get this right.