Belly of the Beast



Friday, April 5, 2019

BAM Sih Deh!

That look on Dean Barrow’s face at the press conference Wednesday. There is just no way to describe it. He just could not believe that the UDP would lose their case. There is something seriously wrong with this man, besides a critical case of megalomania. For a moment there we thought he might collapse because he was definitely on shaky ground. In fact, the man said you could have knocked him down with a feather when he heard the decision. If this ICJ thing wasn’t so serious, we’d bust our sides laughing at him, but what happened Wednesday should wake a lot of people up. Dean Barrow has lost almost every single case that has gone before the Courts—locally and abroad. And that’s the man you trust when he says the ICJ case is ironclad? You better wheel and come better than that.

Fool deh talk

You would think that lame duck Barrow would say, you know what, the Court has stopped us so let’s take the time to get it right. It’s what any decent, good leader would do—listen to the people. But this fool does the exact opposite. He blustered and babbled and threw out useless and worthless platitudes. We’d use the word bullshit but we’re not sure that’s allowed. Anyway that is what it was. If you listen to the bully beef Barrow, he will now force the Chief Justice to hear the substantive case in one day and deliver a judgment on the same day. Since Mr. Barrow apparently controls the Supreme Court, right? And can tell the Chief Justice when he is to deliver a judgment, right? Oh but this bumblehead is bigger than that. He can also instruct the Court of Appeal to hear this case now and deliver an immediate judgment. The man has powers, it looks like. If you want, you can wait on that. We’ll stick with Eamon.

Tacos & Steak

We hope that if nothing else, you all learned a very valuable lesson from this. Never count your chickens before they hatch. And tacos can be tasty, but nothing beats a good, thick steak for substance. The UDP and their attorney Lisa Shoman were already counting this as a win even before it got to Court. The whole nation had to listen to Miss Lisa explaining some nonsense about rolling up tortillas and eating tacos. Carajo! A whole lot of ‘hablar’ and nothing else. We think Miss Lisa may now understand that while the lame duck Prime Minister speaks pretty, and controls the purse-strings, there’s nothing of substance there, and that is contagious, because she caught it. She got schooled, just like Dean Barrow has gotten schooled time and time again. Kudos to Eamon and Anthony and the PUP team. This is a win not for the Party but for the people of Belize.

Old & Tired

Take a moment and scroll on Facebook, and you will know that the UDP is a dead party waiting, as dead as the Prime Minister’s old back. People want them gone. People are tired of the same old rhetoric and tired of the arrogance and the greed and the corruption. The UDP wanted this referendum so bad that in desperation they dug deep and resurrected old and tired Juliet. Now who in the hell could Juliet convince of anything? She’s been able to buy love, but even that she can’t hold on to. But it’s good that she came out of the woodwork, because the people of Belize will be hearing a lot about her when the PUP gets into office and starts investigating how she went from rags to riches. Her glory days are coming to an end. You can bet on that.


For six weeks now villagers in Corozal and Orange Walk have been complaining about the thick smoke coming from the burning at the garbage dump in Obregon, right across the border. Six weeks. And it is only after six weeks that the electrician is now talking about evacuating people from those villages because of the health risks caused by the smoke. Sources are telling us that Pablito claims he didn’t know about it, since he doesn’t live in Corozal anymore. It appears that Pablo has moved his new wife and child to Camalote, where they are bunking with his father-in-law Erwin. This is one of those things that just leave you shaking your head. We would love to hear the conversation between Pablo and Erwin around that dinner table. It’s a family affair. You gotta love it.

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