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Friday, April 12, 2019

Barrow vs. the Feather

Here at the Belize Times, we figure if it wasn’t for his old age and bad back, the big, bad Barrow would have given the feather a better fight. But it was not to be, sadly. Barrow was knocked out in the first round, cold. And when he finally woke up and walked into the ring again, he was knocked out again, without even throwing a punch. How did Eamon put it? Barrow got a right hook at the Supreme Court, an uppercut at the Court of Appeal and if he feels big and bad enough to go to the Caribbean Court of Justice, he would get knocked the hell out. What a lame-duck Prime Minister Dean Oliver turned out to be, defeated by a feather. It is time for him to go.

House of Cards

The people of Belize are getting set to blow Barrow’s house of cards down. Because he couldn’t make any headway in the highest courts in Belize, the lame duck is trying to pull off a magician trick by pushing a bill through the House, with a motion hidden in it. He wants to get the House to agree to let the ICJ determine our borders without having to change the Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land. But he should know by now that the people don’t trust him at all, and they don’t trust the UDP, so nobody’s taking their eyes off this trickster. If he thinks that Friday’s House meeting will be a walk in the park, he’s got another thing coming.


The Prime Minister may act the fool, but he doesn’t take loss well, and poor Lisa’s fate was sealed after that Supreme Court defeat. No ‘if,’ ‘and’ or ‘but’ rolled in a tortilla to make tacos could save her. She was benched, forced to play second fiddle to Rodwell Williams, who is the lame duck’s go-to guy when brother Barrow isn’t in country. But Rodwell’s glory days seem to be long gone, and as he stammered and stuttered and blustered in the Court of Appeal, it was clear that while Barrow may have shut down Lisa out of pure spite, maybe he should have given her another chance to feed a new set of judges her special tacos. The judges weren’t having any of Rodwell’s wind pies for sure.

Follow the Money

Barrow may not have two good feet to stand on, with his bad back and all, but he sure does know how to feather his bed, pun intended. Remember all those long years of BTL/Ashcroft litigation. The lame duck made sure that only his people handled those cases, first his ex-wife Lois and then his brother Denys. They made millions from it. When it came time for that secret agreement with Ashcroft in Miami, though, the one which cost Belizeans about $600 MILLION, the Prime Minister took care to ensure that his law firm got in on it. If you look at that agreement, you will find Barrow’s signature, right there with that of his law partner, Rodwell Williams. To this day, Barrow has not disclosed how much his law firm made from that almost $600 MILLION settlement. But just to give an idea of what kind of figures we’re talking about – if Barrow’s law firm charged a conservative 10% to handle the settlement, they got away with almost $60 MILLION, give or take a few dollars. And it’s the same thing now. Barrow again brought in his law partner to share a piece of the litigation pie, and if they do go to the Caribbean Court of Justice, no doubt the law firm will be creaming from the public purse there too. You want to know why the Prime Minister is always in court? Just follow the money.

Who called?

Who called the Police in Punta Gorda and told them to release those Guatemalans caught by the Coast Guard in Belizean waters? The Belize Times has tugged some lines, but the only thing we’re getting is that it was somebody big. So big that the Police released the twelve Guatemalans, the $40,000 they were found with and their boat, without even a hint of an investigation taking place. It is somebody so big that the usually very vocal Commissioner of Police suddenly has nothing to say. The Police don’t want to talk. The Coast Guard doesn’t want to talk. All the Financial Intelligence Unit will say is that by the time they got there all the men had been released, end of story. We know that the names of senior Ministers have been called when it comes to the smuggling of cigarettes, and we are told by a very good sources that it is believed that is what the men were up to. But we at the Times won’t let this one go.

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