PM Barrow Summons House Meeting: NO Agenda given to the PUP



As part of the Prime Minister’s move to get the ICJ referendum he announced publicly at the post Court of Appeal ruling press conference a House of Representatives Sitting before the trial. In his determination to get the Referendum a quick and hurry date, PM Barrow has, in what can only be versed as, threatened to “fix” the laws to fit his will. The PM’s legacy has been to amend, delete or reword any law that he may have just broken. This Friday April 12 he will move to add to that legacy. This is an opportunity for the UDP to truly govern. Up to this point, they have been in virtual opposition to Belizeans while feigning to be the elected government. The hope is that nonsense is NOT the agenda. Each Representative has his heart and the only Division Belizeans deserve is to hear from each one if they wish the laws of the land to be changed after a whim.


Today we are wondering who is speaking Truth to Power. The Prime Minister seems to be misguided and refuses the overtures of the opposition to be at their rightful seat in this struggle. The legal kickbacks should end and we should place a Belizean Dream legal team guided by the tenets in the People’s Declaration. These were conceived in the hearts and minds of Belizean People and merely endorsed fervently by the People’s United Party. This definitely would be a Belizean pathway to victory even at the ICJ level.

The People’s United Party issued a Press Release demanding the Order papers.


For Immediate Release

BELIZE CITY, WEDNESDAY 10th April 2019 — The People’s United Party today held a meeting of its Parliamentary Caucus in preparation for Friday’s Special Sitting of the House of Representatives and next Monday’s Sitting of the Senate without receiving any to the usual documents, resolutions or bills that are normally issued in advance of a sitting of the National Assembly. The Party’s Parliamentary Caucus considers it undemocratic and highly inappropriate that the government would not provide members of the Parliament with the order papers, which is usually accompanied by proposed bills, resolutions and other matters to be discussed, which would allow members to properly prepare for the Friday’s House Sitting.

The People’s United Party reiterates its position set out in the People’s Declaration of the respect to the sacred right of the Belizean people to decide whether or not we should submit the unfounded claim by Guatemala to Belizean territory to the International Court of Justice.