Friday, April 12, 2019

  1. Can the Minister of Finance please inform Belizeans how much of tax payer’s money is being used to fund Assad Shoman’s Yes to the ICJ NGO and will the Minister of Finance also say how much of Government’s funds were used to fund the Belize Peace Movement?
  2. Will the Minister of Education please inform the Children of Machakilha, officially Ghriam Ceek, if he will ensure that they fix the road; and will he also say if he believes it is right for our children to have to be walking through mud and water just to get to school?
  3. Will the Minister of Finance please say if they will ask the UDP Area Representatives to return the monies provided to them for the referendum?
  4. Will the Minister of National Security please tell Belizeans if he will issue an official response to the US statement that Belize is a major drug transit state and money laundering center?

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