Friday, May 3, 2019

Like Father Like Son

Although it doesn’t seem like he cares at this point, the lame duck Prime Minister should be ashamed of the fact that the son of Minister of Minister Edmond Castro has been disqualified from the nation’s largest race, the Cross Country Cycling Classic. This is a prestigious race, and there’s a code of honour practiced by cyclists, but everybody knows Castro and honour can’t be used in the same sentence. What makes it even worse is that former UDP Mayor Simeon Lopez posted on Facebook that he saw Castro being pulled by what looked like a fishing line connecting him to the support vehicle. That is disgraceful. We think that if Castro wasn’t the son of a Minister, and if it was any other cyclist, he would have been suspended from the sport. And while we’d say that the public embarrassment is enough, Belizeans also know that the Castro clan has no shame at all.

Minister Fined

While all eyes have been on Wasani Castro, who bragged about his 12th place position in the race before his public shaming, Minister of Transport Edmond Castro was also sanctioned by the Cycling Federation and ordered to pay a fine. That’s because he is allegedly the one who was pulling his son with his truck to give him an unfair advantage in the race. Castro is a disgraceful Minister and should be removed from his Cabinet position. Unethical and even illegal behaviour has been the trademark of Castro. Belizeans will remember that he was fired from Cabinet back in the days for a shady land transaction, and then his portfolio was taken away for his part in a Belize Airports Authority check scandal. Then he brought shame to Belize when he visited Taiwan and allegedly made a move on his Taiwanese chaperone. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg where Castro is concerned. The sad part is that with all that, he is still in good company in the Cabinet because if it’s one thing these Cabinet Ministers are experts in—it is corruption.


On Tuesday, Guatemala showed Belize once again who is boss in the Sarstoon, by removing a Belizean flag that had been placed on Sarstoon Island. According to them, they agreed to let the Belizeans into the Sarstoon, but not to place a flag on the island. An interesting question would be who was involved in that agreement, and what right does Guatemala have to make any rules when it comes to that island which is in Belizean territory. There is something very fishy going on in the Sarstoon, and Belizeans are being kept in the dark. Why is it that Guatemala can decide who goes into the Sarstoon, and how is it that we need to ask permission to go in there? What deals are being struck behind closed doors? Guatemala has always maintained that there is a Sarstoon protocol, and that the Sarstoon is Guatemalan territory. Is there something that we don’t know?


On May 8 Belizeans will go out to vote on whether Belize should take Guatemala’s claim to the ICJ, and if we vote YES, we will be allowing a group of 15 foreign judges to decide our borders. Think carefully when you go out to vote, because there won’t be a second chance to get it right. Think about why the lame duck Barrow is in such a hurry to go to the ICJ. Why can’t he wait to make sure that all Belizeans can vote? There’s a lot more than meets the eye here, and we’ve been hearing about some very secret meetings between Ministers and Guatemalans, one of them at a remote resort in Turneffe. What are those meetings all about? Belizeans need to know.


We’d have given anything to be flies on the wall when UDP Senator Aldo Salazar was detained while passing back through the US after a trip to Taiwan. Seems like authorities had some very pressing questions about Atlantic International Bank’s involvement in the Sanctuary Bay multi-million dollar real estate scam. Salazar might be a second-rate attorney and a political puppet, but he’s no fool, and we hear that he sang like a canary. We wonder if he said anything about a law firm which belongs to his political boss, Dean Oliver. That law firm is also named in documents pertaining to the Sanctuary Bay federal case. Pay close attention, folks. This is going to get interesting.


We at the Belize Times are pretty fond of Chester, sometimes. We think he got himself a little sidetracked with the hairstyle thing though. Nothing wrong with demanding that Police Officers be neat and clean. Nothing wrong with that at all. But from what we’ve seen the six officers who are being charged disciplinarily may have dreadlocks, or plaits, but they look good to us. Nothing messy there. We think Chester’s first plan of attack where appearance is concerned should have been those Police Officers whose bellies protrude two feet in front of their belts. There are a lot of officers who look like they haven’t seen their feet in years, and we’re certain sure that in the event that they have to chase criminals, those criminals will either get away or be shot, because they won’t be caught. That’s for damn sure.