Belly of the Beast


United to the ICJ

We can only hope that following a long period of division and divisiveness in the campaign to Referendum, ALL Belizeans can now unite as the nation prepares to go to the ICJ. We at the Belize Times thank the Party Leader and all the leaders of the Party who determined that we should get it right before taking the case before 15 judges who know nothing about our way of life, our passion and our patriotism. We still believe that there are things that should be done to strengthen our case because God knows Mr. Barrow isn’t as bright and brilliant as he thinks he is. But it is what it is. The majority of the people have decided on YES, and the voice of the people must always be respected. That is the PUP way. Power to the people.

Super Ego

It is hoped, though not expected, that the man with the giant ego will understand that this wasn’t a win for the UDP. The ICJ is a scary proposition for many people, and the lame duck Barrow screwed this up from the very beginning. If he had only listened, and done what the people were asking, we could have gone to Referendum united, without the hostility and fighting. But Dean Oliver is a man who believes in the divide and conquer approach. Let’s just take a seat and see how he handles this now. We really hope that there are no feathers flying around because we know he doesn’t handle those very well at all.

Shock of his life

Insiders in the UDP say that the Prime Minister is giving serious thought to calling early elections because he considers what happened Wednesday to be a UDP victory. Here in the PUP, we would like to say that we stand behind him, and encourage him to do so at the earliest opportunity. Please call the elections, Mr. Barrow, if you are feeling so cocky and confident. We guarantee you would get the shock of your life. Call the elections now. Even the people in your own camp are praying that you call the elections so that they can finally get rid of you. Let’s make this happen, Dean. For once in your political career, give the people something that they want.


While we at the Belize Times respect the voice and will of the people, we feel it important to point out the continued ‘incentivization’ and manipulation of that will and that voice. It is no secret that for weeks leading up to the Referendum the UDP were handing out money to persuade people that YES is the way to go. On referendum Day, it was like election déjà vu as UDP had bag men set up in cash houses to dispense money for votes. We fully understand that things are bad under the UDP, and any money is welcome, but we were hoping that this one would be about country, and not about money for votes. The UDP is truly shameless when it comes to electioneering. It is time for the people to come together and let them know that enough is enough.

Pay up Shyne

That boy formerly known as Shyne must be a really good rapper now, because from early Thursday morning he had a bigger crowd than he ever had at any concert he sang gathered outside his Mesopotamia office. We stopped by to listen to some wicked beats too. Imagine our surprise when we found out that the people weren’t there for music. They were not there to hear the boy formerly known as Shyne rap. They were there to collect for voting YES to the ICJ. And they were complaining too, because they were promised $50 each to vote and were told they would collect that evening but they couldn’t find Shyne. Up to when we left, we didn’t see him either. We hope he does show up because those who know the fellow know that he’s been dubbed a Malpago more than one time.