Letter to the Editor


02 May, 2019

Dear Sir,

I write to clear up a few points if you will allow.  First it was with dismay that I watched the last Senate meeting where our Opposition Senator Valerie Woods abstained from voting.  While as a woman, I fully support and encourage the participation of Ms. Woods and other young dynamic women like her in politics, I was very disappointed that she chose to expound and in detail her personal opinion on the matter and totally ignore the PUP party position.  The position of the PUP is NO!  The consensus is that of the majority of the party members that attended the listening tour of our Party Leader.  How carelessly and casually she dismissed that position. It is my opinion as a woman and a PUP that as a Senator for the Opposition she is there to represent the voice of the opposition and not her own personal position.

In my point of view if she could not reconcile her personal position with that of the Opposition she should instead have stepped aside and resigned.  This would have been the most honorable recourse and it would have allowed another person to vote on behalf of the Opposition.  I respect that her personal vote on referendum day is hers to do with as she will.  Her vote as a Senator for the Opposition should have been taken into consideration the will of the people she represents.  Her abstention on the entire matter also irked me in that by sitting on the proverbial fence at the end, it rendered her rhetoric empty and absurd.  She took a stand and then backed away, unwilling to commit.  Frankly, she would have kept my respect and admiration if she had said yes and voted yes.

Thank you for the space allowed to express my opinion.  I must commend the excellent work that you do at the Belize Times Press.


Nelda McLaren