Questions to the Ministers



Thursday, May 23, 2019

  1. Will the Prime Minister please say if he will disclose the amount of profits that Barrow and Williams made from their representation of Sanctuary Bay and will the Prime Minister also say if he benefited financially from his law firm’s relationship with Sanctuary Bay?
  2. Will the Prime Minister say if he is of the view that somehow the Government is liable for debt created by Sanctuary Bay and if so why and if not, then why is he taking such an interest in Sanctuary Bay?
  3. Can the Prime Minister please advise if Belize had similar laws for insider trading whether Senator Aldo Salazar could have been indicted for Insider Trading?
  4. Will the Prime Minister say if the actions of Central Bank of Belize as the regulator of banks in Belize may have been negligent in regulating Atlantic International Bank Limited?
  5. Will the Prime Minister say whether in light of the resignation of Lee Mark Chang, if the replacement with Darrell Bradley the only compensation for ousting the City’s ex-Mayor from Caribbean Shores?