Sanctuary Bay Saga


Friday, May 17, 2019

Or is it The Reserve? Every week since last November 8, 2018 the Prime Minister most likely has prayed that this nuclear bomb would detonate in a space far from dear Belize and his United Democratic Party. But no, it has literally taken sanctuary here and drip drip it is becoming the UDPs proverbial water boarding. In this one, Belize is large for the wrong reasons. The largest foreign real estate fraud in United States history occurred on Belizean soil.

Belizeans, when the Honorable Prime Minister, stealthily or openly, commits our country to pay compensation for persons he deemed as victims to save Belize’s financial dignity, there is a gargantuan problem. Weekly, we see the newspapers with FULL PAGE Ads where homes are being sold off to auction. Why isn’t there help for them? Our housing sector is obviously not doing well and it is not the fault of individual pockets. This type of fault falls squarely on the laps of our UDP government-led economy.

So on May 6, under the cloak of our people going into a referendum for the existence of their loved country, the PM slips in that, by the way, he was summoned to the United States Embassy; our Prime Minister officially left Belizean soil without informing his bosses, the Belizean People. In a teleconference, he then pleads Belize’s case with the Federal Trade Commission(FTC) of the United States of America. This is embarrassing from any angle.

The percolation does not cease there. In comes Mark Espat who now accompanies the Governor of the Central Bank to a trip purportedly to mend this sore that sincerely looms of a financial cataclysm for Belize. Again, when our Prime Minister will put forth victim compensation for foreigners, heavy questions erupt by default.

Did Belize have a sovereign guarantee on Sanctuary Belize or whatever its name is?

What is the dollar amount of the Atlantic International Bank Limited exposure?

In the unwinding of the Atlantic International Bank Limited, what happened to all their assets?

Given that this is in the millions of dollars, will the House of Representatives approve this, out of the blue, expenditure?

In 2008, the Prime Minister and the UDP were swept into office largely on a campaign on the notion that the PUP had paid for the Universal Health Services which was a private entity and not approved by the National Assembly. The people at that time were going to receive a hospital that today is still functional.

Last question: What does Belize receive with the Sanctuary Bay victim compensation?

Drip drip drip!!! This saga has tentacles and each tentacle has suckers. The Belizean people need answers and they definitely do not wish to pay for this.