Belly of the Beast


SSB Cash Cow Dying

In other countries, the people would stand up and riot at the news that they have to bail out the SSB because under the UDP, it has been run practically into the ground. We are now being told that if the contributions don’t increase, there will be dire consequences for this UDP cash cow, and that this once fat cow may go belly up. Every single time old bad back has run into financial trouble, the SSB has been there to be plundered. When BTL was in big trouble, the SSB was there. When the lame duck wanted to give Imer millions to fix the runway at the Municipal Airstrip, SSB was there. That airstrip needed to be fixed less than a year after about $17M of the people’s SSB money was given to Imer, but we won’t go there. Investment after bogus investment has been approved by a bogus committee led by a bogus Chairman. And now, we are told that the SSB is broke. They have spent all the people’s money, so now the people have to feed the cash cow again, so that the Prime Minister and his cronies can continue to suck it dry whenever they need a convenient bubby. Maybe the people will take this one sitting down. And maybe they won’t. Only time will tell.

Queen Street

We send our condolences to the Vasquez family on the loss of their loved one. It was a senseless death. An unnecessary death. But the truth of the matter is this. A lot of noise is being made in this case only because the victim was the brother of Jules, and only because he was the son of the man who is one of the Prime Minister’s financial advisors. That is all. We at the Belize Times would hazard a guess that a whole lot goes on in that cell block which never comes to the light of day. This country is screwed up. But we’ve always said that things will only get done when somebody close to somebody powerful becomes a victim. And that’s exactly what will happen in this matter. Just watch – you’ll see all kinds of renovations and padded cells and all that stuff, all because this poor guy who died was related to some big people. It’s really sad that it had to come to this. But that’s how it’s been under the UDP.


The Belize Times managed to get a copy of the results of the recent Police exam taken by members of the Force. We don’t even know what to say, except that there is something terribly wrong when from a first look it appears that 90% of the officers who took the exams failed. How could that be? And we’re not talking junior officers failing. We are talking senior officers who have been in the Force for years, who have received commendations for their excellent work in the Department. There is something very, very wrong. One senior officer told us that one of the problems is that getting into the department isn’t based on your qualifications anymore, but on the signature of a UDP Minister. And of course, we know that getting promotions isn’t really based on qualifications either. It’s not what you know these days, it’s how well you can kiss ministerial posteriors. So the truth is, the results come as no surprise. And life will continue like normal in Belize. Those results though. Wow. Either that was the toughest exam in the history of exams, or we are in serious trouble.


Word to the Belize Times is that mayor Khalid Belisle, the same Mayor in charge of that Council which does absolutely nothing but is always broke, is building a fancy mansion in Belmopan. Word to us also, is that the construction of this fancy mansion got underway shortly after the very quiet, very behind closed doors deal was struck for the sale of the PSU hilltop headquarters to some person who has yet to show his face and some company that nobody’s ever heard of. Don’t you think it’s very strange that nobody knew this deal was going down until after it went down, and nobody has seen this person who supposedly paid in a big wad of cash to the Council for this prime property? Has anybody seen a real sales agreement? What did the Council do with that money? Has anybody heard about an extra $100,000 that allegedly went into somebody’s pocket? What is the PSU going to do now that it is controlled by the UDP? Or at least it looks that way. Lots of questions being asked, and apart from the odd photo ops, Mayor Khalid Belisle is nowhere to be found. It’s a hell of a thing. A hell of a thing.