Incompetent in stimulating the economy; thus stimulating crime


The United Democratic Party was rolled into government disguised as the messiah of the Belizean people. Their promises extended their mal intentions into the realm of many unsuspecting Belizean imaginations. Nothing was beyond their platter of offerings. They were the ideal relative returning from Uncle Sam—with a barrel of ‘free this and free that.’

They chalked, again, free education. They surged with lower light bills. They poured out lower water bills. They rang out lower and competitive telephone rates. They punched in lower inflation rates. They had the blueprints ready for better homes on a piece of the jewel. Belizeans would crave to visit their own local destinations in a transportation system par excellence. The infatuation would be so high that no one would get sick anymore and, if they did, health care would be available for all that sought it. Our vocabulary would finally render obsolete the term ‘burglar bars.’

It is no wonder that the electorate is so dismissive and sceptical. Belizean millennials are craving deliverance from the hands of UDP incompetence and rampant corruption of world class proportions. These are the same young the UDP fear—ask SSB chief. They now know that the UDP rhetoric is merely a dreadful infomercial. This was always tailored to get a few rich and, as the UDP conceded many times, designed to keep people poor—UDP is pro poor.

Poverty and humility does not force anyone to commit crimes. Economic hardship, though, has a way of making some predisposed to malice to REVEAL themselves. Yes, the most intelligent of persons will commit crimes. The type of petty crimes that can be curbed by policing should be stopped by basic policing. The type of crime that can be curbed by greater economic opportunities should be addressed by those with the know-how and political ‘ganas.’

How is it that unilaterally chasing people home helps to straighten the economic ills and thus curb crime? You cannot distress the law-abiding and expect to lower crime. The hardworking should be looked out for every time. If they found an economic niche to make sales with the vending of food at the wee hours of the morning then the Minister of Security and those who he is in-charge of should do their jobs and take care of the working people. When you send them home you are shirking.

When the society calls you out, like for example a union, you should not scoff at them. When you are called out more than once then there is an opportunity to listen and improve in the dispensation of your duties.

A huge percentage of policemen failed a promotional test. Quick research will show you that those administering a test are at fault whenever the rate of failure is great. Do not blame the student. The Minister and Commissioner should be at odds with those that prepared a test that yielded results that may not be acceptable. Society loves 70 percent; is that the threshold here? Their personnel should be tested according to the level that they have. It can be argued that these policemen who the public have seen commended are best at practical work and not to sit down traditional tests that are fast joining the dinosaurs.

Society needs an about turn. Everyone from students to policemen, parents to singles, politician to clergymen et al. The buck stops at everyone’s feet. The United Democratic Party’s part of the buck is gargantuan. As the leaders, they should be at the forefront of a clean and transparent administration. Sometimes a clean slate is not a bad idea when nothing is going correctly anymore. When Murphy’s Law rules and when Barrow’s Law is King then it is time for the people to determine their fate. In Belize, this happens with a pen. Belizeans await. Don’t do ‘Five years dah Five years’ again. Call it now.