Police out of Control


Magna Carta: This is the first constitutional rights of individuals against arbitrary authority was signed on the 15th of June 1215. In other words: this “charter of Rights” was signed by King John of England in order for people to have liberties without dreading that the head of state governing would pester them needlessly and unreasonably. This is the foundation of our constitutional rights and the greatest symbol of the peoples’ personal liberty.

Fast forward to June 2019, 804 years later and one would think we are back to before the year 1215 where our police officers “administrators of the law” are making laws on impulse. Our police officers are in many instances out of control!!! Rather than protecting and serving the people; they are harassing and intimidating blameless people for crimes that they, in the police department, can’t seem to get under control. Was the late-night food vendor’s restriction ordered by Commissioner Chester or was it given by John Saldivar?

In a country that already has a high cost of living and a hopeless government, people are putting their lives even at risk in their quest to earn a meager and decent living. How can the police department tell people who have all their applicable permits and are law-abiding that after a certain time of the night they have no right to earn a living? The Constitution of Belize clearly states, “protection of right to work”. How can we take this right from poor people trying to feed their family and making an honest living? In some cases, the choice to work or get involved in crime is real; and the correct choice is made.

In this modern time and age, there is no room for the intimidation of law-abiding citizen by their police department based on the mood of the day. Is the Police department a loose cannon and doing this on their own whim???

The Police department of Belize should be administrating the laws and NOT making laws. In as much as the commissioner has a law degree, the people of Belize would rather he sticks to his primary duty to protect people and property. Let’s leave the laws to parliamentarians.

The People of Belize DO NOT deserve to be victims of the Police department and, in turn, the commissioner’s random choice or personal whim. If there is a written directive issued for this food vendor restrictions, the people would like to know and see this document. They are free to request this information and get it.