Triple, Single(s), Quintuple, Double


In just a score and four days, Belize is stunned with multiple single homicides, a double homicide, a triple homicide and a ghastly quintuple homicide. Just after the latter and most horrific of murders in a marine area where lobsters are supposed to be the sole victims and where Manatees are legally protected, the supposed Minister of our Security jettisons to halfway around the world to window shop and take pictures in Airport cafés. Thereafter, Saldivar’s Ministry sends out a release telling people to be careful of wet drops. Saldivar’s crime alleviation strategy seems to be ask the law-abiders to stay away from the Sarstoon, don’t vend just stay home, don’t go into the protected waters(that’s for Manatees and the bad guys)…what’s next, no more fly fishing. This lame duck administration is really not giving a hoot.

Just as the House of Representatives were meeting on June 21, our news media pages blazed with the story that five fishermen that left home on the Friday before the opening of the Lobster season June 15 were being found one by one. The first to be found with a shot to his head was Travis Cook (23) by Swallow Caye Wildlife Sanctuary on June 20. Next, the body of Ernest Wills (40) was sighted floating by the Yarborough Area shore on June 21. An hour or so later another, Winston Santos (40) was found some three miles out. The search would be more difficult at night. Early Saturday morning, a couple more bodies, Jamar Martinez (21) and Allyson Jones(19) were found tied up by Mapp’s Caye. All were already in a state of decomposition and taken subsequently to the Belize Medical College at the entrance of the Burrell Boom Road for their regulation autopsies. They were laid to rest at the Eternal Garden Cemetery.

The men, all shot dead, were of various address in Belize City. The frustration Belizeans have to live with is the unknown reason(s) our men and women are being killed in execution style. Robbery seems to be an incidental event whilst murders go unsolved. Narco-trafficking, wetdrops or plane sightings, are always in rumourville as possible motives. Will these murders go unsolved also?

Sadly, this Quintuple homicide was followed on June 23 by a Virginia doctor and a San Pedro tour guide who were gunned down in plain sight. Police seem to have eye witnesses given the detail that they allow. Of course, these need to be protected. Rewards are being offered for information on these two sets of murders.

David Ophir Martinez from the San Andres, Corozal got his visit from San Pedro village cut short as he was shot on Saturday June 22.

Single mother Yolanda Elvira Requena(47) was stabbed to death on the Village Council Election aftermath hours in Bullet Tree Falls Village, Cayo District. She was killed allegedly at the hands of Thelma Warrior for reasons that might be related to a love triangle but all that does nothing to relieve the pain from her loved ones.

As if we have not had enough, on June 26, Derrick Tracey of Sittee Street, Belize City, was shot and died as he was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The gunman immediately fled the crime scene.

Later that day in Hattieville’s New Site area a robbery became a murder scene as Carlton Wade was shot.

Eleven killings in twelve days. It is about time Belize spends to defend its citizens. Every person that is killed depletes the resources of our nation. All of us pay taxes, directly or indirectly, which are used in the development of our nation’s resources. We all contribute to the education, health, protection, utilities and other amenities, as meagre as some may seem. Our lives NEED to be protected with successful investigation and Crime Scene expertise. There is no better deterrent in lieu of better economic opportunities.

Each Belizean life is precious and NO ONE should go free when they decide they will take one, or two or five.

Something must be done. Sadly, it the same UDP government for 11 plus years now.