UDP playing Politics with SSB


The evidence speaks for itself. The Social Security board is being paid to sit at meetings where the government representatives just are at the whim and fancy of the UDP Cabinet. But why indict all of them, when Belizeans know that it is actually all handled by the Minister of Finance. PM Barrow went on record to say that he needed his eyes and ears to be in BTL and definitely Anwar does the same in the SSB.

The Belizean public has been privy to scandal after scandal with this UDP administration. Now, it is with the people’s money more literally than when it is the taxpayer’s money. They say too big to fail, so they need to attempt to cover it up, postpone, and embellish.

Are they too big to resign? Elections loom.

SSB Mismanagement leads to Higher Contributions
Thursday, June 13, 2019

The Social Security motto: It is everyone’s business. Today, workers of this country are making it their business with the heaviest of expletives as they are being informed about and imposed hikes to their social security contributions. The charts are everywhere and depending on your income you will pay some cents more or a few dollars more. The change in the rates is looking to instill austerity measures on the working class—namely the majority. Under the UDP, middle class level salaries have been relegated to pittances. Since they care for the workers, it is being rolled out in three phases—Bam Briggidim Buff. These are to end in 2021 but will need to be raised again in 2024. Imagine!!

In their propaganda and press conference merged as one, the SSB CEO attempted to convince contributors that this is good since the National Trade Union Congress of Belize, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry(BCCI), and the Belize Business Bureau have all given the green light. From the latter, which entity is the Belize Business Bureau? The BCCI is compromised as they accepted this since by 2021 there contribution would be less, rate wise, than it is today; still paying more than the worker, but there is a lessening of their contribution in comparison. BCCI means the employer. The NTUCB should be regurgitating workers desires and rights but in this case, they failed. Find a worker that is happy with the higher contributions and we can up that failure evaluation.

Since 2001, the Social Security has done ‘nothing.’ This is what CEO Young said at the Press Conference on June 11. To be fair, he was alluding to the contribution of our hard workers not having been raised. It is easy to think that he meant that the SSB has failed to invest with savvy and, thus, they are NOT carrying out the mandate of taking care of the Belizean people’s money.  Of course, taking care, in this case, does mean investing some $449 million with clear transparency and high success.

What is clear here is that NO ONE is being made accountable for this mismanagement. Under the guise of preempting, the SSB is asking the Belizean public to bail them out since we need them so much. The Tripartite so revered by the CEO is a failure. If they are representing the public in the board, imagine them being the enemy of the people.