Bailout after Bailout


At the June 21, 2019 House of Representatives Meeting, the Prime Minister rants to the people that they owe the Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) $50million. Can you believe it? The people who own this utilities entity. Shouldn’t the Public Utilities Commission be in charge to see this does not happen?  The Prime Minister ought to remember that he amended the sacred constitution of Belize for all utilities to be enshrined and, thus, Belizean. As with Social Security, when the Prime Minister accuses the public of owing BEL millions, he is stealthily and cunningly attempting to enshrine another bailout.

BTL bailout of 550 plus millions! BEL and BWS financially strangled to the point where Belizeans had to bail them out (bought) in order to majority own them. When will this end!

Digressing a bit, this newspaper has stated that the Social Security (SSB) July 1, 2019 contribution hikes must be accompanied by heartfelt apologies which will be credible IF letters of resignations are attached. Why? There is negligent mismanagement of the People’s money. Resignation by who? Any UDP hack who knew of this impending SSB implosion and had to make a ‘political decision’ is dearly compromised. These names are documentated in a memo from CEO Young (a UDP operative) to the UDP cabinet. Doug Singh…Caye Caulker has him sunburned he has forgotten he is also SSB Chair.

Just before the ICJ referendum, Prime Minister Barrow attempted to cloak a Sanctuary Bay Owners compensation by Belizean taxpayers. The Belizean public revolted as we best choose to now—via social media and news media on social media. There is still some plan with WF bank from Miami but this is still pending final court approval after July 9.

The PMs modus operandi is exposed and the best of them get injured (even Warriors are injured). So this time when he plots and announces that we owe BEL I quickly went for my BEL receipts and found I am current. The people do not owe BEL anything PM. If someone has mismanaged they must go. Even if the mismanagement is all the way up at the top of the UDP hierarchy. The peasants will refuse to pay more current than they have used. We should render unto Barrow what is Barrow’s. With the UDP administrations gone, the pros for Belize surely outweigh the cons.

Belizeans…note this story is BEL…BTL allegedly owing $50 M GST is another mammoth of a triple disgrace.