Belly of the Beast



Belize is totally out of control. People are dropping like flies. It’s ridiculous. There is no respect for the Police, no fear of the Police, no regard for the law and absolutely no concern about being convicted. When criminals and cold-blooded killers know that the justice system is a joke, then it is past time for law-abiding citizens to be afraid, very afraid. Our murderers know that they may be picked up by Police, just maybe, and they know that they will go to Court. But they also know that the chances are excellent that they will walk down the steps of Court free. Our law-makers in Cabinet, those uncaring fools, and a Police Department which is in shambles, along with a prosecution system which is a joke and a judiciary which just can’t deal, create the perfect scenario for criminals. If by some twist of fate things fall into place and the murderer gets to the stage where conviction becomes a possibility, well, not a problem for the witnesses to disappear. This is no joke. Get up and boast about the murder rate again, bozos.

Barrow Telemedia Limited

Heads should roll over the BTL/GST fiasco. What is happening right now is the epitome of the old adage – “oh what a twisted web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” But let’s break it down. BTL supposedly owes $29M in GST, accumulated between 2012 and 2017. This isn’t complicated at all. Who was CEO during that time, the tech-savvy genius making the decisions and making millions? That’s right, you guessed it. It was the First Son, Anwar Barrow. Here’s another question? Who is the man in charge of the GST Department, and in charge of the Ministry of Finance? Well it was the First Son’s First Father, Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Forget about shadow players like Net and Joe. They just follow instructions. When it comes down to it, this is all about Dean Barrow and his son, Anwar. That’s why nobody can get the story straight right now. Net says BTL doesn’t owe a dollar. Joe says BTL owes, but he doesn’t know how much. The GST Department, dancing to the piper’s tune, issues a totally ridiculous release saying that BTL is fully compliant, but an audit is underway to find out if BTL has been complaint. Bunch of UDP lackeys. Everybody and their granny knows it’s true. BTL owes big. Let’s see them sweep this one under the rug.

Rochus Rockets

And just like that, the man who has been at the helm of BTL for the past months, the man who said he would lead BTL through the next telecommunications revolution (whatever that means) decided that he just can’t deal anymore. Rochus has left the building, folks. He wants nothing more to do with what’s happening at BTL. The truth is that this bunch of clowns can spin it how they want. But the timing of this isn’t coincidental. Bam – news breaks that BTL owes GST $29M. Two days after, Rochus says he’s gotta go. He knows what’s going to happen when the truth comes out. He knows that BTL could very well collapse when light is shone on the company’s dealings and figures. And he decided that he’s going to get out while the going is good. Just keep watching, folks. This is Belize’s own soap opera about to get underway here.

Dr. Malpractice is CEO?

Excuse us for asking, but isn’t the new CEO in the Ministry of Health the same guy who was found guilty of medical malpractice just the other day? The guy who ran on the UDP ticket in Fort George and was beaten like an old, tired drum? We believe it is. But we’ll get to George Gough in due time. The real story in the Ministry of Health is why CEO Ramon Figueroa isn’t there anymore. What is happening in the Ministry of Health? We hear that staffers are up in arms right now and there’s a dart board with Pablo’s head on it in the lunchroom. Just saying. Figueroa knows where the skeletons are buried. And we have this feeling that there’ll be some digging going on.

Pedro y Pablo

Why is Peter Allen still very much a big player in the Ministry of Health? A whole bunch of little birds in the Ministry have reached out to the Belize Times to point out that Pablo and the First Lady of Health, Danini, who is the daughter of Pablo’s father-in-law and Cabinet colleague Erwin Contreras, has been running the Ministry of Health like their own personal kingdom. They have been able to do this, sources say, with the assistance of former Health CEO and current Public Service CEO Peter Allen, who maintains very close ties to Pablo. Even now, these birds tell us, the Public Service CEO is pushing for the hiring of two Drug Inspectors who have been specially selected by Pablo and Danini. These proposed drug inspectors don’t have the qualifications, and the Ministry of Health is pointing out that there are other qualified staffers in line for the positions. But CEO Allen isn’t having it. Why is it so important that these two drug inspectors be appointed? Makes us wonder about those reports that Pedro y Pablo are involved in a pharmaceutical company. But more on that next week.