Belly of the Beast


Major Malfunction

The brutal, senseless killing of Allyson Major, a productive, young, family man and a teacher, was murder. It doesn’t matter how the Police try to spin it. It points to what has become a systemic breakdown of the Police Department because of political interference, manipulation and neglect. We won’t be too hard on Chester just yet, because he inherited a broken system from a lame duck Commissioner Whylie whose biggest achievement during his term was sucking up to his political bosses. The UDP has no will to fight crime, and so have neglected the Police and have allowed the Department to be infiltrated by undisciplined, poorly trained cops who are promoted depending on their connections to Ministers. We send our condolences to the family of Allyson Major, and we join the nation and the family in demanding justice.

Bogus Stats

Mason’s best friend, the Minister of National Insecurity, says that the crime stats show that murders are down by 18%. He says that the problem is that the public perception is that there are a lot of murders. Apparently they’re not really murders, just a perception. Like the public only perceived the five bodies washing up, all of them with gunshot wounds to the head. And the public only perceived the triple murder just the other day, and the double murder on Baymen Avenue in Belize City, and the double murder in San Pedro. According to the fat fellow, that’s all just a perception. In reality, crime is way down, and we’re living in a safe, secure country. In fact, says the Minister of National Insecurity, their crime-fighting strategies are working, so we should be patting him on the back instead of criticizing. Hmmm, have to wonder if shooting people in the head while chasing their vehicle down a crowded street is a part of the new crime-fighting strategy. Imagine that this is the man who wants to be the leader of the country. Wait…what? Mason has more pics? Moving on.

The King’s Kryptonite

The Sanctuary Belize scam, a massive operation which thrived in Belize under the UDP, is Mr. Barrow’s kryptonite. That is why he has used his law firm, Barrow and Williams, the same law firm which represented principals from Sanctuary Bay, to intimidate the media. Barrow and Williams, on behalf of the Prime Minister, is forbidding the media to repeat the damning allegations contained in a 50-page Court document compiled by the very powerful Federal Trade Commission. The media has been warned that they can’t repeat the allegations of complicity and corruption, or they will be sued. In fact, there is a chance that you may be sued if you even refer to the FTC. Mr. Barrow is afraid. He is very afraid. He can be destroyed by what would come out in a court case where the FTC would be able to provide, for all to see, the evidence to support their allegations. Neither Mr. Barrow nor the UDP would survive that exposure. Look at King Dean sweat. And this is only the beginning.

Liar Lawyer

No wonder King Dean is sweating bullets. He’s on national television claiming that the Sanctuary Bay development has never, ever come up in Cabinet. In fact, says Dean, he’s not even sure where Sanctuary Bay is. And then BAM, there’s video of Mike Singh, Barrow’s investment guru, at the opening of the Sanctuary Bay development telling the gathering that they have the full support of the government. And it gets worse. There’s a document showing that Cabinet –the same Cabinet that Barrow heads which never, ever talked about Sanctuary Bay—approved a fiscal incentive package for Sanctuary Bay which effectively deprived the Belizean economy of over $15MILLION dollars. Barrow lied to the Belizean people, without shame. Our leader said it right today when he said that this is the scandal which will bring down the UDP. Wait for it. The best is yet to come.

Writing on the Wall

If you want to get the sense of the best that is yet to come, take a look at the results of the Village Council elections. The people are sending a message to the UDP that their time is done. Week after week the PUP are gaining ground, because our people in rural communities can see that the UDP Ministers are becoming millionaires while many of them can’t even send their children to school. Even the nasty Chairman of the UDP, Alberto August, has been telling King Dean that the UDP is in trouble. But this is way past trouble. This is the end of the UDP. They will go down in history as the most corrupt government that ever existed in our young nation, and King Dean will be flogged with his own two-sided machete. We can’t wait. Imagine the possibilities.