Belly of the Beast


Barrow LIES

The Prime Minister of Belize, the bald-head bad-back Barrow, looked like a monumental idiot and a total LIAR when documents surfaced showing that Cabinet, with Barrow there, approved over $15 MILLION in tax concessions to Sanctuary Bay. Just days before, Barrow faced the nation at a press conference and told all of us that Cabinet had never, ever discussed Sanctuary Bay at any point. He said Sanctuary Bay had never once come up at Cabinet. In fact, said Barrow, he is not even sure where Sanctuary Bay is – somewhere in Belize, he says. And then the document which proved what we have all known all along. Barrow is as big a fraud as Sanctuary Bay. And you can take that to the bank. Just not Atlantic International Bank.

True Blue

The UDP is in a full-fledged panic after the people of the rural communities in Belize have rejected them week after week. Here at the Times we salute our generals and supporters who have done the work on the ground, letting this waste-a-time UDP understand that the PUP is the party of the future. We are told Alberto August, who claimed that the UDP would win all over in Village Council elections, has already met with the PM to let him know that this is not good news for the UDP. Of course, the PM doesn’t much care at this point. He has his retirement package all sewn up, and his family members have become millionaires, so as far as amassing wealth goes, he will go down in history as the most ‘successful’ Prime Minister ever. Call elections now, Mr. Barrow. The writing is on the wall.

Corned Beef

This week the father of an eight year old child was sentenced to four months in prison because he stole a can of corned beef, valued at less than $5. For less than $5, this normal Belizean will be deprived of his freedom; his child deprived of a father. Andre Vega, who through his political and family connections managed to appropriate the sum of $400,000. He is not spending any time in jail. He will never spend any time in jail. And we’re willing to bet that not a penny of that money will ever materialize. Did we mention that Government is actually paying Vega rent for space in his fancy apartment near the Prime Minister on Seashore Drive? Andre Vega is not a normal Belizean, like that man who is behind bars for a tin of corned beef. But, karma is a hell of a thing and there’s plenty of karma coming for the Vegas.

Dead Duck

Gaspar Vega, who is allegedly the UDP Area Representative for Orange Walk North, has not shown up to a House meeting for two years. Of course, he continues to collect big money from taxpayers, including his salary and free gas and all the perks, even though he was forced to resign in disgrace. But if Vega didn’t get the sense of how he is disgusted and scorned by the people before this, he got the sense this past weekend when he dared to show his face in Trial Farm for Village Council elections. After the people let him know what they thought about him, the man was forced to run back home, where he got the news that Trial Farm had gone full BLUE. Orange Walk has rejected Gaspar Vega, and all his millions and all the thousands of acres he managed to take for his family won’t help him when the day of reckoning comes. And you better believe that it is coming.

 An APB for the ACB

We are told that following a missing persons’ report being filed, the Police Department has issued an All-Points Bulletin (APB) for the Association of Concerned Belizeans (ACB). Remember them? People like Godwin Hulse…has anybody seen Godwin lately? The last we heard he was drinking a Lighthouse at Mason’s home in Belmopan, admiring the plants, and nothing since then. And there were others, like Karim Berges and the Prime Minister’s first lady, Lois Young Barrow, and a few others who seemed all too concerned about corruption when the UDP was not in office, but who have all disappeared now that the UDP has become the most corrupt government to ever hold office in Belize. Good luck ever finding them. But in this case, good riddance to bad rubbish.