Bullet Tree Election Gimmick


Thursday, July 25, 2019

If you live in the Bullet Tree Falls area of the Cayo District, and like many Belizeans have been unable to get even a small piece of land under the UDP, then this might be the perfect occasion for you to own a piece of the jewel. That’s because the UDP, desperate after consecutive beatings during the last five weeks of Village Council elections, has set up a mini-Lands office in Bullet Tree Falls to facilitate leases this week, before elections scheduled for this Sunday.

From one end of the country to the next, the UDP has been taking a packing, and has been sent packing in many villages. The people in our rural communities have seen the corruption and have experienced the neglect first hand, and have decided that enough is enough. The UDP has tried everything. They have sent powerful Ministers into the villages – UDP Ministers that villagers have not seen for almost five years are now knocking on doors. The usual ‘gifts’ are being handed out, along with the traditional empty promises, but the villagers want none of it. In Ladyville, the UDP handed out dollar phones like they were going out of style. The people don’t want them.

Under the UDP, many of our communities have been left in ruin. Basic infrastructure has been neglected, and in communities controlled by the UDP, there has been no transparency and no accountability. Village Councils have been manipulated and controlled by the politicians, and the people have been left without proper representation.

The UDP can set up mini-Lands Departments in every village up for grabs this coming weekend, and the people will still send them the message that is being sent countrywide. It is time for the UDP to go. It is time for the PUP. Call elections now.