The months of JULY and AUGUST are set aside each year by Law for the transfer of electors from one Electoral Division to another. Application for a change of Electoral Division from one Electoral Division to another are done using Form No. 17. These applications are processed during normal working hours at the Elections and Boundaries Registration Office in his or her new division during the Period:


Of Each Year

Requirements to change from one electoral division to another are:

  • Be a Registered voter
  • Reside at the new Division for not less than two (2) months
  • Present your Voters ID at the time of application or any other picture Identification;
  1. Passport, Social Security or Driver’s License
  •  and “a utility bill” in the elector’s name to assist the officers in the verification of the address given.

NOTE: Electors are required to provide true and accurate information as it is an offence to give false information.

The People’s United Party urges its supporters that wish to transfer their vote to do so promptly. As of September 1, they will be able to ONLY change address within that same division.

Additionally, if you have not yet registered, please do so. Your constituency offices are open countrywide at the usual time for that purpose. IF you do not register, then you will not be able to remove the UDP government. Change is coming. Participate.

PUP Ready to Win, Ready to Lead.