Belly of the Beast


Big pipple ting

The UDP is having ten orgasms and twelve fits over a recent visit to China by Kareem Musa and members of the Belize City Council. They can’t get enough of it. Betrayal and treason, they are proclaiming. Let us crucify Musa. How dare he visit China, when we love Taiwan so much, and Taiwan loves us so much? How could Musa cheat on Taiwan with China? He should be flogged. Then beaten. Then flogged again. And they go on and on and on and on. Let them have their fun. The fact is that the UDP is on the way out. The news is filled with scandal after scandal, greed after greed, corruption after corruption. Nothing is going well for the RED. Just look at Village Council elections recently. They are grasping at straws, desperate for something to scream about. This isn’t it, buddy. But scream away.


Belize has a huge and vibrant Chinese population. There are no hostile relations between our countries. Here at the Belize Times we can tell you about UDP Ministers who travel way out to Turneffe to meet secretly with Guatemalans at secluded resorts, and that’s because Guatemala is claiming our country. For God’s sake stop it. Let’s be real here. We love Taiwan. Taiwan has always been a friend. But Taiwan has gotten way too chummy with the UDP, and somewhere along the way, Taiwan’s assistance started helping the UDP more than it helped the people. Real. Taiwan has become the UDP’s piggy bank, and it is time for that country to revisit its policy of assistance to ensure that there is no political taint to it. We know the UDP is upset. We couldn’t care less. And we know the Taiwan Embassy is upset, because they know that China isn’t at all shy about courting their allies. That’s their business, not ours. Don’t be distracted by the noise in the market. Check your change.

Beggar nation

What we at the Belize Times, and every right-thinking Belizean should find outrageous is the shameless, disgraceful way the UDP has turned our proud country into a beggar nation. It appears that we can’t do anything on our own anymore. This government depends on the US and the UK for everything. And now it’s Taiwan. On Wednesday electrician, Minister Pablo Marin, explained that since the planned raid on NHI funds didn’t happen, he will now have to go to Taiwan for money. Imagine that. On Wednesday too, the UDP issued a release begging Taiwan to not be too upset by the visit and vowing to valiantly fight to keep the relations between Belize and Taiwan strong. We know that such a vow of friendship, including a release, probably cost Taiwan dearly though, and we’re sure they got some visits from Ministers with hands out. It’s sad what this country has become under the UDP.


Dutty, Wutless Pablo

Word to the Belize Times is that there was a big ruction in Cabinet this week over the proposed raiding of NHI funds, with everybody blaming everybody. Thing is nobody believes anything coming out of the mouth of the Prime Minister anymore. And for sure, nobody believes anything that Pablo says. Seriously, it’s hard most of the time to understand what Pablo says. He’s not exactly the brightest bulb in the shed, after all. The fact is this: Pablo and his new CEO George Gough figured out a way to raid NHI. It was a done deal. Everybody was going to benefit, including the brother of Minister Rene Montero. Did we mention Pablo and Rene are related by marriage? If that memo hadn’t been leaked, $1.686MILLION of NHI funds would have been gone. Just like that. In his interview to the media, Pablo said plainly that the Prime Minister knew, and that SSB knew. What you need to ask yourself is how many of these deals have happened without the people knowing? How much of the people’s money has vanished into thin air, thanks to the skills in illusion of this Barrow administration?

Cold storage

The Southern Regional Hospital Morgue has been down for months now. Literally months. And this UDP administration has not been able to fix it. Pablo was asked about it this week, and only God knows what he was saying. At one point, he said the morgue was put out to tender and would be operational in 60 days, then in the next sentence he said it would be operational by next week. Imagine that this UDP can try to raid NHI funds for a building and can find $180M for a road which will benefit very few people but can’t fix one morgue. Do you know how much a morgue unit costs? A full, brand new morgue unit? USD$3000. That’s it. Maybe we can ask Taiwan to fix the morgue. Or maybe China? Just saying.