Belly of the Beast



The Belize Times has received credible information suggesting that this newly proposed LPG monopoly will be funded through a loan from the Social Security Board. We hope that is not the case, since the SSB has been raided enough by this government, and the people cannot continue to bail out this greedy, corrupt, incompetent set of crooks in Cabinet. It is not that the people don’t want butane to be controlled by Belizeans. It is the fact that no move of this sort by this Barrow administration has resulted in any benefit for Belizeans. Every time the UDP takes over a company or an industry or a sector, a select group of UDP Ministers and attorneys and friends and cronies somehow end up raking in millions, while ‘normal’ Belizeans are supposed to be satisfied with being told that they are the owners—yet never benefit. It’s crazy. Barrow took over BTL, and the UDP got rich. Barrow took over BEL and BWSL, and UDPs got richer. The people are saying enough is enough.


We wonder if the people of Belize understand what happened in the House last week. It’s like this. You see how old and tired sorrow Barrow just raised your SSB taxes? You see how he keeps raising taxes on fuel? You see how the cost of living keeps going up? Well, this crafty magician, with one hand, decided to rob the Belizean people of $90M in uncollected land tax revenues. Just like that. And then, for his next magic trick, the Prime Minister then takes on another $150M in loans which the Belizean people will have to repay. You understand that, right? A bunch of rich people who owed land tax got away free, while the Belizean people now owe another $150M. As the Hon. Cordel said in the House, this tax write-off benefits about 30 wealthy landowners. But when it comes to the new loans, every one of us will have to pay. Crazy stuff that, but typical Barrow and typical UDP.


Did we hear that right? Is the son of former UDP Minister and current Cabinet Secretary Carlos Perdomo being forgiven what he owes to GOB, to the tune of $40,000? How does something like that happen? And how is it that these things only happen to the friends and family of the very rich, privileged UDPs. Here at the Belize Times, we have nothing against Carlos Perdomo, and nothing against his son Joshua who the government says they have been unable to find to collect $40,000 he owes and hasn’t paid back. But wrong is wrong. There are very many poor Belizeans who have never been able to get GOB’s assistance in educational opportunities. Yet the children of very rich UDP Ministers all get these educational opportunities. This is a downright shame. Cabinet Secretary Carlos Perdomo should be ashamed of himself. This government continues to take advantage of the poor people of this country, while only a few of the very rich continue to benefit. Something is going to give soon, and it’s not going to be pretty.



The $400,000

Does anybody know if Gapi Vega’s son Andre has returned the $400,000 which the judge ordered him to return? You know, the $400,000 which was part of a compensation hustle which became the modus operandi at the hotbed of corruption under Vega? That is the people’s money, but we can bet you that under this UDP administration, the people won’t see a cent of that. That money is dead and gone. If it was a poor Belizean who owed government $100, he would be in jail. But because the man who owes GOB $400,000 is a rich UDP and is the son of Dean Barrow’s best friend Gapi, nothing will come of this. You can take that to the bank.

We’re sorry

The Hon. Kareem contacted the Belize Times this week to ask us to apologize to the Prime Minister. Apparently the PM could not handle being reminded that he is old and tired, and went straight home after the House meeting to try to prove that he’s still young and strong. Well, we won’t get too much into that, but we are told that didn’t end so well, and the day after the sitting of the House the Prime Minister had to be flown out to Cuba for emergency treatment. We have been asked also by the Hon. Said Musa to tell the Prime Minister that age is just a number, and he’s still going strong. As soon as the PM recovers sufficiently, we’ll pass on that message as well. At the Belize Times, we don’t wish the PM ill—we just wish him gone out to pasture. That’s where old paper tigers belong. Who’s your daddy now, Dean?