Barrow’s Plagues


“To campaign like the devil, particularly on the ground. Every candidate needs to be,” – Dean Barrow, 2008

We Belizeans wake up each day to a breath of fresh air but quickly realize that we are still living in the age of Barrow. In 2008, he all but skewered and destroyed the meaning of the word ‘promise’ as he and the UDP made sure that they campaigned like the devil with a world of imaginary lies and deceit.  In Pharaoh-like fashion he has insulted the peasants by caring less and less for them each day.

The jewel around us is crumbling and all the PM can do is rush to Cuba or Miami. If you, PM, are sick, we understand, just resign. The people of Belize know that your UDP is leaderless and that you feel that no one can fill into your Gucci’s.

Dean Oliver Barrow seems to draw the worse of the worse from his Party and even nature. It is long understood that he cannot control his rogue Ministers and that is “unfortunate.” The calamities that surround Belize are way out of the UDPs league.

Belizeans are suffering what can only be called Barrow’s Plagues:


The Minister of National Insecurity as it is now called constantly presents figures that show crime and murders on a down turn. Saldivar is sorry that people have the perception that crime is up. Saldivar is clueless as to why the people think that murders are rampant and out of control.

Barrow had once removed him as Minister in charge of Police due to Union pressure in regards to the Mason case. But Barrow re-imposed Saldivar unto the nation as soon as the Union leadership blinked.

Now, with a weak economy and failing education system, murders are a tragic normalcy and the UDP is visibly insensible to the plight of the people who hurry inside and are literally terrorized.


It may be a fluke that the UDP has not blamed the mosquitoes for this. And of course, we cannot blame Barrow and Marin for the 2000plus people infected by dear Aedes aegypti. But Belize can take the UDP to task for being nonchalant about the issue. Even in the face of hundreds of Belizeans suffering there are no official remarks by Minister Pablo Marin. Has he been gagged again? He only said he will buy the morgues and tried to build a bodega and has expired drugs stored.

Belize, please note that Barrow also has not issued a word. He is satisfied with Marin who wins elections, so says Barrow. He put Marin in charge of our health and is ultimately to blame. PM the spoils of your victory in this case were rotten from the onset. Now Social Security, the people’s money is paying out for sickness benefits when they could be using their Emergency Funds. Is the UDP afraid to use those funds or are the Belizean people not deserving?


The people of Belize City should tell the Prime Minister that the drought in the rural areas is a DISASTER NOW for all our farmers…especially up north. Fields are literally dry as irrigation is too costly. The PM allocates disaster funds for hurricanes and ignores other disasters as obvious as they are.

Corn fields have experienced the worse of this drought and other crops have either been held back or did not yield as much as they would normally. Belize will experience food shortages as the effects are felt across the nation.

We all know that there is the possibility of importation of food staples. But that is always more expensive for Belize as foreign exchange takes to flight. Of course, there are UDP cronies salivating or should I say imagining the possibilities of exclusive importation licences.

But if there is no money from exports that are down, who will buy these. It is a slippery slope.

New River

It is easy to blame the drought and nature for the stench of the New River(almost typed UDP but didn’t). This past August 23, the Ministry of the Environment showed a little life as they called a public forum in an enclosed space in a semi-obvious attempt at controlling crowd size and blow back. All of Orange Walk depends on this river somehow; the fish that were killed may have been food.

How can I blame the Barrow Administration for the New River now resembling sludge running off a car wash?

How can we blame BSI/ASR, created by Dean Barrow, for dumping their effluents into the New River as if it were their personal soakaway?

How can we blame a lifeless Minister of Agriculture and the Environment who is a Master at feigning to be a Concerned Citizen?

How can we blame Pablo for the Dengue outbreak when the New River is a bountiful habitat for growing wiggle-waggles?

The UDP has NO PLAN…not for health, not for crime, not for agriculture, not for education, not for the New River, not for the economy and not for the Belizean people. That is why they are to blame. All they care about is how can they electioneer these coming elections.

In the case of Egypt, God imposed the plagues in order to force Pharaoh to free the Israelites from slavery. In our case, Belizeans are asking the Pharaoh to leave even if limping. Belizeans have had enough and the signs are all there that Barrow and administration have outlasted their time.

The UDP has plagued Belize enough. Forget your conventions, CALL ELECTIONS NOW.