Questions to Ministers

  1. Will the Minister of Finance please inform Belizeans why was there the need for a limited tender to be granted for the construction of a building costing 1.6 million dollars for a storeroom for medicine? What was so important about this contract that we could not wait for the appointment of a contractor general?
  2. Would the Prime Minister say if, in his opinion, it is a serious conflict of interest for the family member of a minister to be granted a contract under a limited tender and if this is, in any way, in contradiction to his promise to the Belizean people of not tolerating even the whiff of corruption?
  3. Considering that there is a consistent shortage of medical supplies in the nation, will the Minister of Health please inform Belizeans what need and what he intends to store in a 1.6 million-dollar storeroom for medicines? And will the Minister of Health also say if some of the $1.6 million dollars being spent on a storeroom could have been better spent in modernizing and equipping all our hospitals with proper morgues?
  4. Will the Minister responsible for Lands please say if he authorized the surveying of lands in or around the village of La Gracia and will Minister Hugo Patt also say whether it is standard practice for surveyors to be provided with armed police officers when they go out to survey lands?
  5. Will the Minister of Foreign Affairs please say if the announcement that the government would seek the support of the International Court of Justice to get a ruling to get provisional measures on the Sarstoon to stop Guatemalan soldiers from their actions in harassing Belizeans on the Sarstoon has been halted? And will the Minister also say, in light of his comments to Channel 5, that the promise by the Prime Minister to seek provisional measures was merely a political gimmick to win support for the ICJ?