The Micah Goodin Scholarship Fund 2019


Saturday, August 10, 2019

Today is the crescendo of a brainchild of Belize City Councillor Micah Goodin. One of the presenters called him the man-of-the-hour. Micah nevertheless was obviously looking to bolster lives of others and not his. He probably glanced at schoolbags given out by many an enterprising spirit. He probably felt that the Ministry of Education was providing but that there was plenty more to be done. He knew that BTL, Bowen and Bowen, Social Security, Small Businesses, Individuals, were providing scholarships but definitely felt that there was still plenty of struggle in the educating of Belizean youths.

Micah had previously championed Tertiary-level assistance when he was a student. He experienced his own scholarship pulled due to that enterprising spirit—so unfair. He will never forget how Anthony Mahler came to his aid at this time. Micha had promised to redeem the help by “doing good at school and doing good for his country by helping people in a similar way whenever he could.” Micah thus felt that it was his time to bloom out an organization that would in turn help others along their own educational paths.

As the story goes, earlier this 2019, Micah approached Mayor Wagner and detailed a plan to raise 10,000 dollars to provide funds for tertiary-level bound students. He got the full support of the Mayor. He also had the full support of a team that was willing to work.

Team: Avi Goodin(Mother), Marley Goodin(Wife), Malcolm Nunez, Michael Novelo, Dominique Novelo, Kent Lynch, Dennis Couth, Leroy Young, Ulrich Gaynor, Indira Cayetano, Cherise Francis, Rushawn Neal, Natasha Pipersburgh, Micah Goodin.

The work entailed the cooking/selling of Barbeque. All Belizeans relish this dish and we all know that it is hard work. The team was on board. They were willing to wake up at 4am for countless mornings. Micah mother, wife, and other friends provided much need cooking expertise and morale. It sounds beautiful now, The Micah Goodin Scholarship Fund 2019 needed grit which the team had and that was more than beautiful—it most likely was full of life lessons.

As the Micah Fund approached the goal of 10,000 dollars, there were impromptu donations by several entities who could not help but notice and monetarily supported this priceless effort.

An unexpected hurrah for the ages was when the Mayor of Belize City announced to the world that he will monetize his support for Micah and donate 10,000 dollars effectively doubling the fund. Micah personally won nothing; Micah’s enterprising spirit won more than he bargained for as he would be able to help more tertiary level-bound Belizeans. I bet his heart skipped a beat or two.

Approving applicants must have been the greatest challenge and he most likely wanted to give to everyone. In the end, forty three Belizeans were today offered $500 each.

Very relevant, only 11 of the recipients are male. Tick that off to how our society is today. The positive is that they were there and they received the message that everyone is expecting them to succeed. Belize needs all our students/graduates to succeed now and be a part of Belize that works for everyone.

Micah goal for 2020 is $50,000.