Mentally disturbed persons and their families have just been handed bad news. The police will not be responding to any calls from family members or friends or neighbors to please come to help detain a mentally ill person. This new decision of the police started leaking out over the past two to three weeks when the police began refusing to respond to calls for assistance. They tell families, ‘it is written instructions from Belmopan.’

The instructions, as we understand it, is that only the psychiatric nurses can call and the Police will meet them at an address or detain a mentally ill person at a Police Station and the nurse will attend to that person.

Sounds reasonable?

Try calling the psychiatric clinic and see how long it takes for a nurse to be located. Worse than that, this new Police “protocol” only applies 8:00a.m. to 5p.m. from Monday to Friday. The nurses are not available outside normal working hours and will not respond to families on weekends and holidays.


None of the Police stations we contacted in Belize City have the names or numbers for any of the few nurses working at Port Loyola Clinic or the Cleopatra White Clinic. The Police are not even provided with a list of mentally ill persons in their areas. Life just keeps getting harder for the poorer classes who cannot afford to call a doctor or nurse for their family members when their family members are having difficulty with mental illness.

And the Ministry of Health is so busy trying to rip off Social Security monies they couldn’t care less if the Police completely wash its hands off a very serious problem that needs the law enforcement officers.


Utter incompetence or playing the fool with the people. How else to describe the latest saga of BTL apparently collecting fifty million dollars of GST monies from the public and keeping it for themselves.

When this major scandal broke, GST decided not to comment to queries from the media. A position which is absolutely unacceptable. BTL, of course denied owing monies to GST. They have not produced any receipts or documents to confirm their position. Is anyone surprised?

The Prime Minister, like BTL, denied monies were owed, but again could not produce any documents. It should be remembered that the Prime Minister had appointed his son to be in charge of BTL and the period for which these large amounts are missing cover the period his son was in charge of BTL.

When any scandal involving government is exposed, the government would usually engage in causing a distraction or claims it is investigating or conducting an audit. (In the case of Guatemala’s takeover of the Sarstoon River, the government has claimed it is sending protest notes since 2015).

The Prime Minister’s response to the BTL/GST fifty million dollars scandal was to say there will be an audit of BTL. What the heck! Fifty million is in question and the object of another major money scandal and that is the best response from the Minister of Finance and the Head of the country.

Now we have the UDP Reporter newspaper quoting Net Vasquez, Chairman of BTL stating no audit is being held. And the Financial Secretary saying an audit is underway.

O what a tangled web the PM weaves because he is out to deceive.


Credit where credit is due. Big respects to Channel 5 for promoting every year, young talented Belizean singers. It is so encouraging to see our positive young people showcasing their pride in their abilities.

Each week Bliss Institute is packed with appreciative supporters. There is also a huge TV audience/spectators eagerly tuning in each Tuesday night.

Channel 5 can also take pride in its pioneering show for which over the years, some of these contestants have emerged as national singing stars. Channel 5 is the only local TV station that puts in the extra work in producing several local shows which encourage young Belizeans to display their talents. Channel 7, for example, produces no local shows whatsoever. None. Neither does the “government station” Love FM, lol.

Here’s a thought. There should be a segment on the Tuesday shows which is devoted to Belizeans music exclusively. The songs must be written by Belizean. This is how we will fully develop local song writers and poets to address their creativity is this field.

Singing a song in imitation of foreign artists is okay, but singing our own lyrics is a whole new level.


One of America’s greatest modern writers has passed away. The lady who said she wanted to read a particular kind of book, and couldn’t find it, so she wrote her own. “The Bluest Eye”.

She also wrote Tar Baby; Song of Solomon; God Help The Child and other great stories with insights into human experience.

Toni Morrison left this earth on Monday at the age of 88 years. There is an outpouring of love from the black communities of the USA for her.


There is a doctor Allen and Mr. Cho who are in charge of the Ministry of Public Service. They are a disaster. One doesn’t know what he is doing and doesn’t care. The other is too smart and arrogant for his own good. They are bad news for the public service. Their decisions are arbitrary, personal and at times political.

Public Officers are supposed to be protected from the whims and fancies of senior officers and politicians. Hence the reason the law sets up a Public Service Commission, of reasonable and knowledgeable persons. But these two rotten tomatoes have found a way around presenting factual information to the Commission resulting in much unfairness and wrong decisions.

Public Service Union activist and trained attorney Jacquelyn Willoughby should be appointed CEO in the Ministry of Public Service.

For once in his long and disastrous reign, the Prime Minister should do something for the public officers. Send doctor Jeckel and Mr. Chide somewhere else.


When Moses was fighting and trying to frighten Pharaoh into freeing the Israelite slaves, he managed to turn the Nile River red.

But a yellow river? This must be a sign that Dean Pharaoh Barrow has displeased the Lord our God.

A river turned yellow. Greenish, toxic, polluted. That is what has happened to the New River which flows past Orange Walk Town.

It is a disturbing testimony to the slackness and incompetence of the government. The Minister, his CEO, the environment department, all sat on their butts while a river run yellow.

Doesn’t the Ministry know that BSI is dumping its unhealthy waste in the river? Don’t they carry out monthly inspections? Of course not.

Are there other smaller factories dumping their waste in the river? Of course. Does the officials carry out regular tests? Of course not.

Oh God, how much longer shall your people wait before you rid us of these ungodly ruling politicians? Your people suffer. Even your clean creation is being destroyed.

“By the rivers of Belmopan, where we sat down, and there we wept, because of the politicians”J


China is the biggest giant in the whole world. Its population is one Billion, three hundred million people. The USA, (population 350 million people) quite correctly considers China its greatest rival. When the British government in 1998 was forced to return Hong Kong to China. A lot of Hong Kong citizens were worried. This is because Hong Kong is a capitalist country and China is a communist country. The British government forced the Belize government to sell Belizean passports to people from Hong Kong and also from Taiwan.

Taiwan belongs to China, it is protected by the USA. Taiwan wants to remain independent and has been spending monies on a handful of countries to support her. The British has forced Belize to become one of those countries supporting and taking monies form Taiwan.

Taiwan is between a rock and a hard place. It cannot compete with China. Its protection from the USA is becoming a liability because white people in the USA are increasingly racist and militaristic. This is turning many more countries against America. Even inside America, black people and Latino are waking up to the real situation of white people.

Having said the above. It is interesting to note a recent development. China invited elected area representative Kareem Musa to visit. This is not a coincidence.

China would consider the corrupt UDP as a Taiwan/British puppet. And a liability. Plus the British and America love corrupt governments. Additionally, the UDP has been misusing Taiwan money. Millions of dollars have been donated by Taiwan to the UDP Government which have been stealing and wasting these monies. The Belizean people are not benefiting from Taiwan donation.

The people will turn to China and abandon Taiwan if Taiwan does not stop giving monies to the corrupt UDP Government.

Kareem’s visit to China is a golden opportunity for Belizeans to engage in a national discussion on the issues of Taiwan and the mighty giant call China.



SCOTIA Bank is leaving Belize. That’s what the smart money people are saying.

We are poring over the financial reports of the Central Bank on the monies of the remaining banks. Intriguing! Most intriguing.

Will share some with you next week.

Ed. Note: Some of the views above are of the writer and not PUP policy.