UDP Says PICK ONE: Mason-Lover or Alleged Woman-Beater?


Thursday, August 15, 2019

On February 9, 2020, a bunch of the UDP faithful will have to choose between two men who want to be the next leaders of the UDP. They will have to pick John Saldivar—who was the very, very close friend and business-partner of accused killer William Danny Mason, currently on trial for the beheading of Pastor Lue. Or they will have to pick Patrick Faber, who has been accused on multiple occasions of getting drunk and allegedly beating up women, among other things. The UDP is in a pretty ugly pickle, indeed.

Both men, Faber and Saldivar, launched their campaigns long before the announcement just this past weekend that the date for the UDP Convention has been set for February 2020. Both claim that they have what it takes to lead the UDP, and even to lead the country. Where they would lead the country is still anybody’s guess.

The Belize Times has been reliably informed that Prime Minister Dean Barrow was forced to set the date of the Convention following reports that he intended to stay on until the very last hour. We are also reliably informed that his offer to stay on as Prime Minister after the Convention, in an attempt to preserve any semblance of unity the UDP still has, was also shot down by those who have gotten tired of the bullish rule of Mr. Barrow and want him put out to pasture, sooner rather than later.

Deputy UDP Leader Patrick Faber has told sources close to him that he expects no problem from Saldivar, since he has been down this road before. At the deputy leadership convention where Faber and Saldivar vied for that position, Saldivar had been confident that he would win, employing every tactic at his disposal, and still Faber beat him with ease. While Saldivar claims he controls a majority of the UDP Area Representatives and Standard Bearers, Faber was able to win by motivating, by whatever incentive, the delegates. Faber believes this will be more of the same.

If the thought that one of these two men could possibly be at the helm of the nation after the Convention weren’t such a horrific one, it would be ridiculously funny.

Belizeans will never get past Saldivar’s close ties to William Danny Mason, who may well be convicted of one of the most sensational crimes in the nation’s history. Saldivar may pretend like his relationship with Mason is water under the bridge, but it isn’t. Belizeans remember when Mason used to travel around with a special Police guard, thanks to his relationship with Saldivar. Belizeans remember that Saldivar used to spend many nights at Mason’s ranch in Belmopan doing God knows what. Belizeans will remember that Saldivar lied about his relationship with Mason, until a document revealed that Mason actually owned half of the Belmopan Bandits. And if that weren’t enough, Saldivar has been the worst Minister of National Security in history. Under his watch, violent crime has spiraled out of control. Saldivar is a dud in every sense of the word, a fact his ego will never accept.

Belizeans will also never forget Faber’s tendency for drinking and allegedly beating women. Only his connections saved him from being arrested after he allegedly beat up his girlfriend, allegedly dragging her by her hair and punching her in the face. He was also allegedly accused of multiple instances of physical and mental cruelty by his ex-wife, a matter of public record. Add to that the expensive GOB SUV ending up in the Caribbean Sea, and Faber’s unending insults of the teachers of this nation, and there is no doubt Faber is dead in the water.

This is the end of the UDP—the end of an era of corruption and greed and incompetence the likes of which the nation has never seen. They can call elections in 2020 or they can call it tomorrow. The result will be the same. The people of Belize will reject the UDP.