A convention full of goofs


Patrick Faber just hosted a world class yawner of an endorsement convention. Without surprise, the Collet constituency was ignored for most of the night.  One would think that a vying leader of a country could at least fill the Civic Center with the constituents of his area. But no! The Civic was an echoing room with more seats than attendants. The programme was fit for the attendance—empty.

The UDP is done! And they seem to be in clinical-level denial.

Faber’s THANK YOU directed at Dean Barrow was a not so subtle version of ‘Get Lost, You are in my Way.’ Incidentally, Barrow’s presence was humongous due to his absence at this convention.

The budget that must have been spent for this convention is rude and comes at a time when parents are struggling to pay their school fees. In Ladyville, a primary school turned back over 200 students since their fees had not been paid at the end of the past year.  Couple that with the Perdomo write-off for a scholarship and this convention is definitely at the wrong time. But, given the personality, there is actually no right time.

This person that Faith built is not even qualified to be a teacher today under his dictated 2012 Education Rules. Even the aspiration of being the leader of a political party in Belize is way above Faber’s league.

Listening to his speech is painful. After years of the same squeak job he tends to utter, Faber was at his worst. He delivered a monstrosity and dared to call a speech.  His speech writer should be finding another job. And if Faber wrote it himself, the UDP is done! Any which way, they are done.

A leaderless UDP and Faber are egging Dean Barrow unto pasture but at the same time, they are shivering at the thought of an election. Faber and gang are afraid that there are more Perdomo/land tax thingies hurled out. These UDP seemingly daily shenanigans and keep adding more nails into the UDP coffin. They are DONE.

Make no mistake, the People’s United Party is re-energized, poised and recommitted to govern and to deliver to the Belizean People the rights that have been denied these endless eleven years. PUP being ready to lead is more than a mantra and it is more than a promise, it’s a God-driven plan that John Briceño will unfurl after the PUP historic win. The People are ready.



Convention Goofs!

If you haven’t heard his “speech” this is a disclaimer. We are not responsible. This is BT’s list of Goofs. You may see/hear more. Most of the following are direct clips of words said and happenings.

  • Empty Seats
  • Kept saying he visited the corners of Belize. (Anyone knows these corners)
  • UDP first! Belize Second…yes he actually used his version of the King quote
  • Continue the transformation (which??)
  • Path to the Future is in the Blue(This is the ONLY truth)
  • Did he get Bill Gates’ or Harry Potter’s permission to use, “PATH TO THE FUTURE”
  • Farmers produce Cattle and Poultry
  • Value-added products to our region(Any one knows what he meant?)
  • Tropical Medicines and Environmental Industry(The Pablo effect)
  • Faber wants a New Belize realized. (He didn’t mention the ICJ)
  • Grass roots organization fighting crime at the root(no idea)
  • DNA and forensic lab promised…again
  • More proud to call it home…
  • A shining beacon in this tumultuous region ( threw all our neighbours under the bus)
  • The future is now(Lame at so many levels)
  • Empty Seats
  • Last not wait it’s already too late(Directed at Barrow’s UDP)
  • Land; House, Education; Employment (PUP Bill of Rights plagiarised)
  • Belizean Flag was wrongly placed between UDP flags
  • Did Heredia wear shoes? Could not see since he was at the back.
  • Esquivel was there; Millennials do you all know who he is or was?
  • Video of Faber’s speech went viral and infected 3 whole persons who shared it.
  • The sparkles failed to sparkle.
  • The dozen or so balloons fell since they had no other option.
  • I could have probably listed more goofs but the video bombers distracted me too much.
  • Did I mention Empty Seats

Don’t feel sorry for the UDP. They are DONE!!