Belly of the Beast


Tek Dat

While we at the Belize Times don’t generally pay too much attention to UDP politics, we think it’s very interesting that the porky Minister from Belmopan sent a death blow to his Cabinet colleague and leadership opponent on the 10th. If Saldivar wasn’t such a disgusting fellow, we’d go further to say that we’re impressed, even. Imagine that Saldivar went on Faber’s turf and upstaged him with what seemed to be little effort. We called it from last week when Faber’s campaign launch had all the excitement of a wake. Last time Faber was able to beat Saldivar by going to the base, but Saldivar seems to have learned a thing or two from that bad beating. The truth is that it hardly matters who heads the UDP when general elections are called. The people have already decided that it is past time for the UDP to go. And go they will.


Saldivar may have dealt Faber a cruel blow on Tuesday, but you better believe that porky has bigger worries than Faber right now. That’s because his best buddy is probably going to take the stand, and you know he’s going to be calling names. Remember that right after Mason was arrested, he wanted to meet with the PM to have an interesting discussion, but the PM wasn’t having it. But now if Mason takes the stand there’s no telling what secrets he’ll be spilling. We all know that porky wasn’t the only UDP minister who was exceptionally close to Mason. Quite a few Ministers used to meet Mason at the mansion on the hilltop in Belmopan, so we personally can’t wait for Mason to spill the beans. It’ll be an uncomfortable time for the UDP. Wait for it.


Tracy for leader?

Here at the Belize Times, we have been getting persistent reports that UDP Albert area representative Tracy Panton has her eyes on the top spot in the UDP. She’s been making some interesting moves lately. We know that she was at Faber’s campaign launch recently, but then she ditched Faber for Saldivar on the 10th. So who is Tracy supporting for leader? She recently posted on Facebook about the qualities of a leader, and we’d be willing to bet that she wasn’t referring to either Saldivar or Faber. We’re told that there will be some big power moves in the UDP just before the leadership convention. I swear you couldn’t pay for the drama coming out of the UDP camp right now. Games, games and more games.


Pablo please

The Belize Times Has been reliably informed that persons who reside in Corozal are signing an emergency petition which we are told they will present to the Prime Minister next week. Residents in the north were appalled and disgusted on Tuesday by the antics of electrician minister Pablo Marin in the parade. We’re not sure what he was doing, but some persons are suggesting that he may have been dancing. The closest thing we’re seen like it was when a Minister in Belize City was high on something for sure and was bending his back or some such thing. It was nasty, and if that’s what Pablo was attempting to do, we respectfully join the rest of the nation in asking that he never do it again. Ever!



By now most Belizeans will have heard about the condition of the New River. We know that one school had to close its doors after students and teachers complained about getting sick from the stench. We also know that massive fish kills have been reported, and just this week there were dead crocodiles, killed by the contamination. While that is way bad enough, we have learned that this week the Minister of the Environment was in Orange Walk inspecting the river, and he allegedly got sick too. We know because sources in the SSB informed us that the Minister filed a sickness benefit claim following his trip to the north. We are hoping that if the dead fish and crocs didn’t spur the government into action, maybe a sick minister will.