Belly of the Beast


Servant & Hero

As we prepare to celebrate the Independence of this nation that we all love, there is no more fitting way for us to do so than to follow the example of the humble man and legendary leader, Father of the Nation, George Price. In honour of his life, do something of service to your people and your country. Do something meaningful to show that you love the jewel. Happy Birthday, Belize.


Over the weekend, the nation mourned as the body of a young girl was found where it had been dumped carelessly on the road outside Belmopan. We watched her family fall apart, her mother almost collapse. They had been searching for her the entire week, after she went out with friends and never came home. The Chairman of the United Democratic Party, Alberto August, in a post this week, attacked the murdered young girl and her family viciously, blaming them for the brutal killing. Alberto August is scum. Everybody who knows him or knows of him knows that. But he is a very senior member of the UDP which is in government. Somebody needs to deal August the reckoning he so richly deserves. We at the Belize Times extend sincere condolences to the family of Adamir Chi. She did not deserve what happened to her.

Mason’s Minister

The man formerly known as Mason’s Minister, or maybe even more than that, wants to be the leader of this country. Yet, he has absolutely nothing to say when four youths die in his constituency, in just a matter of days. As Minister of Police, he has nothing to say when two young boys are shot in the head in broad daylight. He is busy playing political games, running down to Belize City to show-off his new political friends like Tracy and trying to make his Cabinet colleague from Collet cry. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. There’s no way in hell that John Saldivar will ever be Prime Minister of this country. The people will never forget the connection between Saldivar and William Danny Mason. And God knows what will come out of that trial in the next few days.


Guess Who’s Back

Can you imagine that Mr. Not Normal really wants to get back into politics? We are told from good sources that he is financing John Saldivar’s campaign for leadership, and the quid pro quo is that Saldivar must support his re-entry into electoral politics. What is wrong with these people? In a Cabinet that was full of crooked ministers, Gapi proved that he was the crookedest of the bunch. When this man was Minister of Natural Resources, he presided over a compensation scam/scheme that saw UDP cronies and his family members get thousands of acres of prime land and millions of dollars. Gapi was the reason why the Prime Minister referred to the Ministry of Natural Resources as a hotbed of corruption, remember? Remember that prime land at Carmelita that Gapi managed to hustle for himself before he was kicked out of office? Remember the $400,000 that Gapi arranged for his son Andre? Taxpayers have still not been able to see a cent of that money. And this is the man that wants to come back into office? This same man who has been named in criminal activities which we won’t go into? Only in the UDP would you see things like this happen, and Sedi says he is okay with it. He says Gapi is young and competent. We think he meant to say old and wutless and dutty and corrupt, but you know how Sedi goes. You never quite know what’s going to come out of his mouth.


Sedi owes

You know how they say some people have screws loose. Sedi has a whole container-full of screws completely missing. Not only is he defending the worthless $40,000 student loan write-off to Joshua Perdomo, but he says that the writing off of the land taxes is a good thing because – get this – HE OWES too. And it gets better. He says that they owe because they don’t get paid enough to pay their taxes. What the hell is this guy even saying? Sedi and, practically, every other UDP Minister are multi-millionaires. That is a fact. So, if Sedi is not paying his taxes, it’s because he doesn’t want to pay. It is time for Belizeans to stop allowing these guys to take us for fools. They have done it for far too long. In Pickstock, the clock is ticking for Sedi. And all over the country it is ticking for the UDP.