It could happen to us.


We have all seen the “generational devastation” of the Bahamas by Category 5 Dorian which savagely ravaged the island with all of nature’s fury. Videos of crying Bahamians most likely broke our hearts making us recall our Category 1 storms, Earl and Richard. Today we can say Bahamas as was known is no more. Their infrastructure has been pummelled. Their spirit most likely has been devastated but am sure not destroyed. The Bahamas is already receiving the support from the world. Well wishes go a longer way when accompanied by food and clothing and medicine and, in the case of the USA, and helicopters. Twenty plus have died and they expect to find more.

This is definitely one that we shouldn’t play politics with. We at the Belize Times wish to ask all Belizeans to watch closely the Bahamian example and think ‘that could have been us.”

Are we ready for this type of occurrence?

Did Mitch in 1998 and Dean in 2007 warn us?

Have those warnings been heeded?

Is our Medical system ready?

Is our road infrastructure ready for evacuations?

Are our transport mechanisms in place?

Is our Meteorological Department ready?

Has our public communication and advisory system checked out?

If these are ready, do the people know all the alerts?

Are they educated on what to do IF we are ever hit, God-forbid, by a Category Five storm?

Or will Belizeans have to hear that some solutions take time since the world spins slowly?

Solutions start at home but the larger ones are the responsibility of a capable government.