The scandal surrounding the high ranking officer of General Sales Tax who was abducted in the USA by the FBI for attempting to extort a US businessman has another scandalous side to it.

It is that the businessman and his business, Orchid Bay, owes the government of Belize millions of dollars in unpaid GST millions.

One reliable assessment has the amount just short of 20 million. Readers will recall that BTL is accused of owing GST some 50 million in unpaid taxes. There has been no satisfactory explanation given to Belizeans except the usual denial and promise that an audit would be conducted. They must be auditing the accounts of the whole of Central America. BTL collects X amount of revenue based on that they are to pay GST Y amount of monies.

Orchid Bay become a nail in the coffin of the Honorable Minister of Finance who is also the Prime Minister of the country.

What is going on sir?


The institutions of Belize have been subverted by the ruling politicians. What this does is undermine the already fragile democracy in Belize. In other countries, it results in failed states. Corruptions and crime becomes the order of the day as citizens lose trust of the officials who should be running a fair and transparent process.

It is no coincidence that the Public Accounts Committee is unable to inquire into the use, misuse and abuse of taxpayer dollars.

It is no coincidence that the Integrity commission has not received any signed Declarations from Ministers of government for almost ten years. This makes a mockery of the law, but it is delicate and is intended to hide the millions of dollars piling up in the various accounts of the government Ministers and Senators.

It is no coincidence that the contractor General has deliberately failed to submit a quarterly and annual report of his findings on the massive amounts of government contracts handed out to known party political cronies. The law requires that the Minister of Finance be given such reports. FOR TEN years NO REPORTS have been made, and NONE was required by the Minister, who is also the Prime Minister.

It is certainly no coincidence that a strange animal, neither fish nor fowl, was created by law and named B.I.L. Belize Infrastructure Limited. Its purpose is to handle multimillions of dollars by the UDP. This system was set up to bypass the financial laws of the country and bypass any form of scrutiny or overnight.

There are several other imported institutions that have important functions in the management of our young country. They have all been subjected and have all been placed under men and women whose first and loyalty is to the UDP government. In the case of the Public Services Commission which should be a natural and imperial organization which employs and promotes Public Officers. Presently a former UDP Minister is the Chairman.

It can get worse than that

Or can it?

Belize deserves better than this.

The people of Belize deserves to live in a safer Country and deserves a better living standard.

We can all have a better life if we decide to get better leaders.


Workers in Belize need to join unions or form their own unions. No worker should have to wait on government to pass some OSH law to get basic protection on the job.

OSH means occupation, safety and health. Workers are entitled to be safe and to work in a safe environment.

While the big shots talk and have meetings and attend conferences abroad, workers are being injured and some have lost their lives. Really gentlemen. You all are in your cozy air conditioned officers. Too much talk.

The safety of human beings are at stake. Government does NOT wish to pass the OSH law.

Isn’t that obvious?


Don’t Call 911. It rings and rings and rings.

If you are in danger, scream and make noise, but don’t waste precious time calling 911, nobody will answer.

 Excerpts from part leaders Johnny Briceño’s excellent Independence Day address. 

“All Our Children should have access to free, quality education that will be more attractive and society than a life of crime and violence.

Everyone should sleep safe and sound under a decent roof and in a comfortable bed. And every Belizean deserve access to adequate health care.

This is what our heroes promised and none of these expectations are……

At the core of national leadership must be a genuine commitment to uplift our nation”.

…We hear and feel the frustration of our people. It is safe to say that government has failed to keep our communities safe.

All our efforts to work with the current government have been ignored. I have directed our standard bearers to embark on consultations with their constitutions and with stakeholders to present some workable common sense solutions to arresting crime. We must, and my party will, describe on all-out war on crime and violence, and we will win this war and once again make our country safe.”