Sugar Factory Should Pay Millions

The killing of a river is a monumental matter. When one human kills another human the penalty is long years in jail.

The sugar factory in Orange Walk, is from all indications, responsible for the killing of the New River. With the connivance of the Belize government and the silence of certain sectors of the media the Sugar Factory is getting away with murder. They have been dumping harmful chemicals, tons of hot water and toxic things into the mix.

In other countries they would have been held accountable. It would have cost them millions of dollars in penalties and cleanup costs. So why not in Belize?

We have to ask the question, do they contribute to the ruling party in order to get away with an unforgivable destruction to a river?

This is a serious matter. All living creatures in the New River around Orange Walk have been exterminated—from wiggle-waggle to alligator. If any human being dares to drink the water, they too will die. A slow painful agonizing death.

A primary school near the river has been forced to close because of the horrible smell now coming from the dead river.

It is not enough to say others dump things in the river. The major culprit is the sugar factory, lucky bastards; they are getting away with an environmental murder.

Girls Hostel

Some two years ago three girls burned to death at the Girls Hostel at Rockville on the Western Road. The horrible deaths were the result of negligence. The “jail cell” where the three girls were placed as punishment had the hasp and staple type of lock on the outside of the door. The padlock had only one key. During the mysterious fire the key could not be found. The three girls burned to death. One was pregnant. Their screams could be heard from the roadside.

One of the mothers, who lived in Rockville Village manage to reach the Hostel on hearing of the fire, she could hear her daughter’s screams but was helpless to do anything.

Public outrage forced the government to hold an internal inquiry, chaired by a respected, retired Family Court Magistrate. Her report has never seen the light of day. Reportedly, on instructions from the Prime Minister the report has been covered up.

For the past several weeks, reports reaching the media and family members are of girls escaping the Hostel – over and over. Girls fighting the wardens. Girls destroying property. Girls climbing onto the pale building’s roof. Police being called to quell rebellion.

Obviously, some things are wrong at the institution. Knowing the level of incompetence so ripe in the government it is safe to say nothing will be done.

Two Ministers Open Dead House

The morgue, commonly known as a dead house, in Dangriga, has not been in use for over a year. Last week TWO, not ONE, Ministers of government held a public ceremony to inaugurate the dead-house. The new dead house only provides for two bodies. Ironically, two Honourable Ministers of the outgoing government turned up for the publicity stunt.

There is something in the Bible that says leave the dead to bury the dead.

Rasheed Pollard

He was exactly 27 years of age. Celebrating his birthday last Friday – with alcohol, this popular young man lost control of his vehicle and lost his life.          He left behind two young children. The moral of this unfortunate incident is don’t drink and drive.

Our condolences to the family.

Sandra Coye

Sandra Coye is a blessing to Belizeans. She is a highly educated and patriotic warrior. An outspoken advocate capable of conversing on a wide array of issues.

Sandra is a rare jewel, the kind our country could do with more of.

How better off we are because of her. Large numbers of citizens look forward to hearing her call in to Krem radio and television in the mornings. Her righteous indignation is like those of the prophets in the Bible.

Perhaps it is worth considering to ask if she could call-in at a specific time like 7:30 AM or whatever time is suitable to the majority of Krem listeners.

Thanks Miss Coye. Thank you so very much for what you are doing to contribute to the education and liberation of our people.

Belizean Cyclist Banned

A Belizean cyclist has been banned from riding for the next four years because he failed a dope test by the international cycling body. We will call no name. It is increasingly clear that cyclists in Belize are using performance-drugs which are not legal in sports. This is a sad development for our sporting community.

Kirk Douglas

Some 70 years before Jesus was born a man named Spartacus led a slave rebellion of 90,000 persons against the Roman Empire. They were defeated. The only successful black slave rebellion in the world was the one that occurred in Haiti.

Movie star Kirk Douglas played the role of Spartacus which was shown to Belize City residents at the Palace Theater in the 1960s. Kirk Douglas became one of the heroes of Belizean movie goers. Douglas also captured our hearts for his many roles in western memories. He passed away a few days ago at the age of 102 years.

COLA Silent

COLA, the activist group, formerly led by fire brand Giovanni Brackett and now under new leadership of late seems to have gone silent.

Belize, our home sweet home is in trouble. We are going down. We need our activists to stay strong and speak out. Speak up brothers and sisters. It is said that all that is needed for wicked men to succeed is for good people to say nothing.

The churches are silent, the chamber of commerce are collaborators, the University of Belize is quiet, and most of the media are partisan. The opposition cannot do it alone.

Belize is being led to hell. This isn’t any time for temerity.

90 Million Nightmare

The Prime Minister’s ill-advised write-off of 90 million dollars of land taxes just won’t go away. Not even the Belikin bash has washed it from public disapproval.

But it seems the people who lend money to Belize are concerned. Why would lending agencies fork out millions to a small country which can overlook 90 million dollars in easily collected taxes?

And make no mistake, corruption is involved. Wealthy land-owners will show their gratitude with money contributions.

But Nothing For The People

“All I want to say is that they don’t really care about us.”

Check the lyrics to that Michael Jackson song.

Government always passing this law, and that law.

Government always borrowing millions and millions.

Wasting, squandering, and stealing the monies, building useless roads and unnecessary projects.

When will they have a law to reduce poverty?

And a law to provide jobs for every man and woman.

And another law for affordable housing and access to land.

When will education be free?

And best health care for all of we.

All I want to say is that they don’t care about us.

New Guat President

We have done some reading and research on the new president of Guatemala, Alejandro Giammattei, who will take up office on 14th January, 2020.

This is a bad dude.

He is bad news for Belize. He is the darling of the right wing elements of the military and oligarchy. Sixty percent of voters did not take part in the Presidential elections.

He spent ten months in jail on remand for charges that he took part in extra-judicial killings. He was later acquitted, he believes in the death penalty and is anti-gay. He also promises to militarize the police (a trend which has started in Belize with police wearing military uniforms, carrying machine guns, beating citizens and conducting illegal check-points and unlawful detentions).

Indigenous people are half of Guatemala’s population of 17 million but they have the lowest access to land, education, housing, healthcare and jobs. Eighty percent live in poverty. Forty percent live in extreme poverty. Malnutrition in several of the 24 communities is as high as 70 percent.

None of this will change under the new president.

Giammattei will most likely keep Belize’s portion of the Sarstoon River. Guatemala’s military will be even more aggressive towards the weak government of Barrow and Elrington and worse if we get Faber and Saldivar.


Our hearts go out to our brothers and sisters who have suffered so much from hurricane Dorian.

Ed Note: The views expressed above are of the writer and not necessarily those of the PUP.